Wednesday, 24 March 2010

24hrs .....

Have you got your ticket yet??
Yes? Hooray! Hooray! ~ No? Hurry! Hurry!

24 hours left before the winning name is drawn to Win this beautiful Arabella Bag in Red Flowers amid the Foilage at the Buckeye Spring Raffle!

All money raised goes straight to the foster rabbits at the Buckeye House Rabbit Society to pay for their spay and neuter veterinary costs, food and medicines before they find their forever homes as house rabbits.

Tiny Moby is waiting patiently on his heart chair for that special person to take hime home and into their hearts.
He is a dwarf rabbit and won't take up much room - except in your heart.

This little one is Dewey. He loves flowers and foilage - especially in the morning with all the dew around!
He is a very handsome chap with a white bib and front socks. Dewey loves toys and he is hoping that someone will love him more.

This beautiful princess is Dixie with very long eyelashes. She loves to play games too and afterwards especially loves pats and kisses.
She is hoping that she won't have too long to wait and that her pink eyes and all white fur won't be a hindrance.

Wesley knows all about pink eyes and white fur being a hindrance. He was at the rescue for nearly a year before I found him (online) and immediately called to 'secure' him!
As soon as I saw him I knew he was the one for me and fell in love straight away! and I passed my Adoption interview with flying colours as a suitable rabbit parent and took him home 4 months later.
Wesley has seen Arabella working so hard to help the Raffle Tickets sell. He hopes that you have yours and if you don't win the bag you may well win one of the five $10 vouchers to my etsy shop!

My little Princess Arabella is having a quick shut eye before the big day tomorrow when the winner will be announced.
She spent months and months at the rescue too because she was 'just a brown rabbit' and she had no name either!!
I'm so thankful that I have my two little hearts in my life
- both were 'dumped and unwanted', both have sad stories from their past before me
- but now they both have busy jobs helping me help the rescue rabbits find support and their forever homes
so that would be 23hrs and 48minutes and counting .....


  1. Tiny Moby is sooo cute! I would adopt him in a second if it weren't for our greyhounds. I hope all these bunnies get the homes they deserve, I hope you have sold lots of tickets for your raffle, & I hope I win (in that order!)

    ;-) Jx

  2. Thank you for the reminder - I just bought some tickets! That is a gorgeous bag - and those are some gorgeous bunnies.

  3. It's such a shame and completely stupid that the white kids with pink eyes are always overlooked. We have so many bonded pairs of big white bunnies and single ones too. They are so precious, black bunnies get this treatment too and brown bunnies are beautiful!

  4. Thank you Jane!

    That's super Katie! thanks!

    I agree Christina and I believe the same goes for black coloured dogs too - they are overlooked for the other colours!

  5. Lovely bag and lovely bunnies, I hope they all find good homes

  6. Oh that is a beautiful nap picture at the bottom of your post.

    My lovely rescue bunnies Cassie and Bart were a beautiful mother and son who had been in rescue for 18 months. Because they were 'just brown'.

    Sigh.... i LOVE just brown!!


  7. thanks Juliet, I hope so too.

    Charlotte I love 'just brown' and 'just albino' too!

  8. Sweet little buns. I have no problem with a white bunny with pink eyes. Actually I don't have a problem with any color bunny. I love them all.


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