Thursday, 11 March 2010

On the Tundra

It's nice to wake up to a reindeer looking over you every day.

A couple of years ago I was lucky enough to have this amazing 2.5m high reindeer shop poster given to me by a very lovely lady from a shop in George Street, Edinburgh.

Every time I went past I would stare for ages at their window displays, dreaming of having those reindeer in my house! Now every morning is a delight and every evening is a joy!

I love deer, in particular reindeer most of all. Rangifer Tarandus are Artic and SubArtic dwellers living on the tundra landscape mainly, though there are forest reindeer that are smaller and with slimmer antlers so they can live amongst the trees. The Highland Wildlife Park up by the Cairngorms has a small herd.
This Royal Worcester porcelain mug was my regular daily mug many years ago until a crack appeared so it's now on display and keeps my collection of rabbit's whiskers safe.
There is a Reindeer Blog I just came across in Russian, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish and English. Presumably the indigenous reindeer-herder peoples of the Artic don't need to read it for reindeer news as it doesn't have their language there, but they will know it all anyway I reckon.
Interestingly these peoples have not been invited to the A-5 meeting between the Artic Ocean Coastal States to discuss the future of the Artic.
This is a sad oversight of the developed countries with disregard to the knowledge and skills of the people who have made this (nearly) uninhabitable part of the world their home. When will the 'developed' nations wake up? Perhaps they need a Rangifer in their rooms too?
Not only do I wake up to rangifer but I drink with them too! This is my constant mug and replaced another similar reindeer photo mug that is now resting in my kitchen display cabinets.
It has a very handsome white reindeer with a white calf crossing a chilly looking river!
Tea is always such a delight to drink when the vessel is special.
A couple of years ago I painted this running young reindeer and have it framed. I also painted a couple of ACEO sized reindeer too in the same style.
I love images of deer and also statues of them too.
I have a small collection of 1/32nd scale plastic animals that I have built up over the years. (I would have said decades but that would make me seem old).
In front are two hinds made by 'Britains'. They have been painted by me and were actually stags but I found them minus the antlers. Must have been rutting season! So now they are hinds!
Calling from the distance is a superb example of German toy making. This stag is exquisite and so well detailed.
He was made at the turn of last century, 1902 to be precise and is now an antique (officially anything 100 years or older).
However, as with these toy animal moulds, the date is always the year of creation not necessarily the year of manufacture as many produce the same statue for decades.
Here he is chaperoning a Roe Deer hind and her twin calves. Also by the same manufacturer.
and here is a Roe stag and his hind.
This plastic is very delicate and the deer have the finest detailing on them. The hind actually has her tongue out - you can hardly see it in this photo
I bought these amazing little gems from Nancy in her etsy shop The Baker's Daughter Too. She shipped them all the way from America to me and packed them with extra care.
Nancy sells gorgeous vintage finds in her shop. She has another shop where she sells unique handmade holiday decorations which are really cute and fun. It's called The Baker's Daughter.
Thank you Nancy for your great customer service and taking the trouble to send these deer to me! I really appreciate it!
They will be cherished for a long, long time and I shall be integrating them into my other herd of small plastic deer that I have.
My latest real-size baby hare has a deer print on with deer in snow and fir trees. Baby hare Doe!
Here she is with her two real-size hare friends, Vova and Scamper and regular sized baby hares and baby squirrels. They all came out of their nests this week and are ready for the world.

Here is Baby Hare real-size Doe with small Baby Hare Burrow by their favourite pink heart.
Like me, they can never have enough images of deer!
Little Doe doesn't know who her real mama is but she does know that Deer mama brought her up safely and lovingly as one of her own. Mama found little Doe when she was barely 3 days old and she knew straight away that her hare mother was not able to come back in person so she nursed her to health and fed her with deer milk. Mama told her many times not be worried about looking different from the other children because appearance is only fur deep and it's what is in your heart that counts. Doe has remembered this well and she looks out for all the babies of the woods that have no mothers and she tells them this sage advice. She brings the babies to the nursery to be cared. Once she had such a time trying to carry five scampering baby mice that she now keeps a fold up carry-all for such occasions. Mama and the other deer are very proud of Doe and the life saving work she is doing.

Burrow is a very acquisitive little hare and he makes great use of the objects he finds in his daily forays. He collects many things that others would walk over or trod on unnoticed. Many times he has pulled a few muscles as he strains to drag home huge discarded antlers. Never the less, he perseveres and adds them to his growing collection of woodland artifacts. He has antlers from red deer, roe deer, sika deer and fallow deer. Plus he has a fine collection of feathers and owl pellets! A lot of the hares come from far and wide to view his ever growing concoction. He is in collaboration with an International museum to finalize the details of his world-wide tour 'Burrow's Woodland Fables – A Collection of Animal Bits and Pieces by a Baby Hare' and he will be giving talks on some of the more notable pieces, where they came from and most intriguingly – how he got them home!
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