Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Moss is Missing - please help

Please help keep your eyes open for Moss if you live in Scotland.
Moss has been missing for over two weeks now and is only 10 months old and still a puppy.

He is Jane's mum dog. Jane has an etsy shop and lives in Edinburgh like me.
Jane's mum lives in DUNDEE and that is where Moss went missing - in the Broughty Ferry area - see map below.

Moss has a longish rough coat in black and white Scottish Border Collie colours. He is mostly black with some white markings and he has ONE white sock on his left foreleg and a WHITE tail tip.

Please visit Jane's blog to get the contact details for Moss if you see a young Border Collie in your area that you have not seen before.

and please keep your eyes open for unusual occurences in your area, especially if you walk your own dogs, and be mindful of new dogs in your area.

Moss is just a youngster and has lots of energy. He has a fluorescent yellow visibility vest on, a black half choke collar with a silver bone shaped ID tag with his name and address engraved on it.

Please let all your Scottish / UK friends know about Moss and his prominent markings and do a double take of all the collies you pass - let's get Moss home safely.
Thank you.


  1. Poor Moss. He must be a scared little puppy out there on his own. Good luck.

  2. Awww what a sweet puppy. i will do a cloutie for him. I pray that he is alright wherever he is and will be reunited with his person soon !

  3. oh poor wee thing, I hope he's found soon and if I happen to find myself in Broughty Ferry I'll be on the look out...

  4. I hope Moss is found soon. What a handsome and sweet looking dog.

  5. I so hope Moss is found very soon, poor pup.

  6. Oh what a worry, I do hope Moss is found safe and well soon. I have some family up in Dundee so I'll pass on the details. x

  7. thank you for all your well wishes for Moss!
    I've been thinking good thoughts for him too.

  8. Thank you Annette for posting this, & thanks everyone for your support. As time goes on it seems less & less likely that Moss will come home, but we're not giving up hope. He can't have disappeared into thin air & his body has not been found so I think he must still be alive somewhere. The more people we have looking for him the better. Thank you all so much. Jane.x

  9. Update 1/4/10:

    Moss's body has now been found & he has been laid to rest. Thank you to everyone who has helped us in our search.


  10. so very sorry to hear this Jane. A little comfort will be in him resting now. xxx


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