Friday, 16 December 2011


from my heart

my customers will be familiar with my wrapping style (above) when they receive their orders, but a few others out there have also received those packages as well, and I'm quite sure they haven't been shopping on etsy!

I like to make special presents for my fur friends out there - the ones whom I read about on blogs, and those who are the fur friends of my friends.

I like to give, for no better reason than to give.
And I know that's 'not cool' but my giving has no agenda, I give because it makes me feel good and I hope with all my heart that the fur friend receiving will love their present.

The two hearts above are for buns that have been, but remain dear in a heart.

and this pup was my model for making a supportive mat for a bun called Haven who had head tilt.

so I tilted the head of the dog to see if the mat and rollers would provide the right support for Haven.

all my mats have hearts on them, and apart from Haven's special support mat, they are all heart shaped.
Hearts mean love and love is endless, always and forever.

I first met Haven when I stopped by Christina's blog Rabid Tidbits.

Christina is an inspirational woman and I know that if I ever get to meet her in person then I will warm to her immediately. I love visiting her blog and reading her posts, every time, every single thing she writes about, and the honest and forthright way she does it.
Today I was feeling a little low, so I went to the place I knew where I would feel love and warmth and hope and inspiration and happiness - and after reading a couple of posts I was truly grateful that I know Christina and her rabbits and her blog.

Here is precious Haven on his mat.
Haven is in heaven now, but his spirit remains strong and his mama Christina is doing excellent work for her own rescue buns and those at her local rescue Heartland Rabbit Rescue.

Christina I want to say thank you for being there! and being so super,
I have cried with you, laughed with you and smiled with you (today I did all three) - you always bring a light of warmth, love and happiness to my day. Thank you

This fluffy heart went to a very special doggie down under.

Harry was saved at the last minute by Christabel and her sister.
Christabel is a very stylish artist whom I met on etsy and she has a huge heart!

Harry is adorable, and I made his cushion to resemble his beautiful curly fur.

Harry has a heart murmur and bad ears due to a neglected infection, but now he has love every day and a place in two hearts!
He is so beautiful! and I'm very happy that he loves his heart and uses it as his pillow!

My very first heart shaped mats went to Ginny and Weasley.

Beautiful Ginny is no longer here but her papa Weasley is and he writes a blog post every now and again at Rabbits Eats Quilts.

I love to stop by and see what he is up to, he is a handsome chap and my heart warms every time he does a post. Plus he is blind!! and his qwerty touch typing is spot on (much, much better than mine)
... and .... he always picks the best sun spots in the house!

I started to put frills around my heart mats, making them more substantial, and adding little bits on.

This mat is for my god-kitten Miki.
Yes! I am a god-mother!!
I have never been a god-mother before (must check infact to see what my responsibilities are!).
Miki was a very lucky kitten - she was taken in by Pey when she was a hungry stray and given a forever home. Pey has a huge heart and Miki joins a home with other lucky rescues living there.

I made a 'cat's 9 tails' (or rather, paw print tails) to go with it. Cats like to play after all.

and I made a faux fur paw print attached to the point of the heart on some ribbon so that Miki will have something interesting to swat around as she lounges around on it!
Isn't she beautiful, and yes, she has just been naughty - you can tell eh

and this heart went to a fur friend down under

there is also an attached faux fur paw print on the mat for Charlie to swat at when he is not chasing Aussie lizards in the shade!

and another batch of cat-of-9-tails / paw prints! Charlie is a bit shy so there is no photo of him
(the hare and the faux fur basket are mine)

and this xmas an adorable little Norwegian guinea pig will be very happy!

Tomas will be getting his own heart mat to match his coat! complete with tiny paw print

when I was in Norway the other month I looked after darling Tomas every day. I took a huge platter into the garden and covered it with fresh grass for him.
He loves the grass - can you see the mouthful of 10 strands!!

Wesley also kindly gave Tomas a bag of his favourite dried carrot pieces for xmas and I filled 3 small bags
with assorted tasty hays for Tomas to snack on, for when the grass is covered in snow (probably about now.
Tomas and I got on very well, he is a beautiful little ball of softness and every night he would squeak away goodnight to me and the same again in the morning, and as I brought the huge platter of fresh grass in his squeaks would be the loudest of all!!

Giving is good, it makes me feel good and I reckon that's alright. Cool or not :)


  1. Dear Annette,
    We treasure our lovely items that you created. Haven got much use from his bedroll until Mills decided to take it apart. (hehe) Nemo and Stewart's pillows are proudly displayed along side their photos and our hare (her name is Flower)takes center stage along side them. You are a terrific and creative lady and all the beautiful creatures you have shared with are lucky indeed. We think you are very cool....very cool.

    Thomas is a cutie pie eating his grass!

  2. And I say thank you for sharing your life and your blog and all your goodness with me.

  3. What a lovely range of gifts for your furry friends!

  4. Sitting here with tears streaming down my face. Annette, your heart (and heart gifts) are appreciated more than you can ever know. Thank you.

  5. What wonderful gifts! Those are some very special pets getting all that love. :)

    Mr. Mick thinks all those mats are quite nice, but he was especially interested in the support mat, as it reminded him of his many thrones. Flat mats are ok, he says, but a mat with an edge that he can rest his head on while he snoozes is a must-have. I will have to get in touch with you post-holiday with regards to you possibly making one for him.

  6. Princess Miki, at least that's how she feels when lounging on her special mat, wants me to relate her sincere gratitude !!!
    We are so lucky, thank you, Annette.

  7. thank you Christina :)
    and pleased to know Miss Mills enjoyed the bedroll too!

    thank you Juliet!

    thank you Karen :) and for being my inspiration in making these heart mats in the first place!

    thanks Jade! my little king here likes to rest his chin on a support funnily enough!
    and I believe my King and your King are planning some things!

    many thanks Pey! glad to be her god-mother :)
    can I live up to a cat's expectations??!


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