Monday, 19 December 2011

Hearts, Harts, & Hares

this is my everlasting xmas tree and I adorned it with my 3 loves -

harts, hearts and


Could a tree ever be more perfect?
(well, for me anyway, em, not really!)

I absolutely adore deer and hearts and it makes for a tree filled with love.

The red reindeer came from Ikea this year. Too cute to pass up. I know reindeer males are bulls and not harts, which are actually male red deer, and the reindeer females are cows and not does. But my title would not have had the same ring to it if I had written hearts, bull and hares ....

The metal filigree hearts are cheap earring sets that I dismantled for decorations. I don't wear earrings because I have a fear of getting my ears ripped off (strange fear huh?), what with those dangly things just waiting to catch on something strong and unforgiveable!

And the clay heart is handmade by Pey from etsy shop Forever In My Heart and is a very special heart indeed!

I have 4 of these beautiful hearts infact!

and they are all individual and very meaningful.

One is dedicated to Arabella - my heart who was - and who now lives on in my heart every day.

A little while ago I went thru my whisker box and chose a couple of Arabella's long svelte black whiskers to send to Pey

the panther guards them well

there was a big choice - Arabella would leave a whisker a day (nearly) for me to collect and add to the whiskerstash

and I also managed to choose 2 of Wesley's rarer albino ones, which are totally invisible on anything except black!

and then I pulled out a few tufts of Arabella's browny fur and some of Wesley's snow white fur from my tuft pile
(I didn't pull tufts out of the buns, goodness no! I had gathered these small fleeces over time from their blankets and those stray bits that sit enticingly atop their rump :) and had them squirreled away in a box)

and a short while later I opened my parcel from Canada and glanced lovingly thru my tears at my memory heart of Arabella
as I held it carefully in my hand, and remembered her, the smell of her fur, her small wet tongue licking my nose tip vigorously before she would then finish with a good nip

and my heart of Zai, which I got a while back

and ofcourse a heart for Wes.
My little mister is still here with me, mr Wesley, and his memory heart embraces life, because every second passed is a memory

I love my hearts, and Pey makes each one unique and every one I have received has been christened with my tears, as it is such an emotional experience to receive something made with love that holds so much love and memories.
Thank you Pey!!

My tree would not be complete without hares now would it?

A couple of weeks ago I got this little chap and as soon as he scampered onto the branches I knew the rest of his litter mates should join in also ...

very unusual in hare births - there were 3 siblings!

and as soon as I opened the parcel from Sara of etsy shop Pavlova and Fox, they all bounded over to the tree and found a comfy spot!

They are made by Robert, down in England, and Sara puts his beautiful wooden carvings in her shop. Thank you Robert! love my hares!

and I know I mentioned this in a post not long ago, but my addiction to Starbuck's early grey tea with hot soya milk means that I get given these little shot cups on every visit.
And I asked them if they recycle their waste, and I was told no, so I take home the paper and plastic bits to recycle bin myself.
Only thing is, these little shot cups are now decorations for my tree with my favourite reindeer scraps on them, from my cherished and nearly unused xmas paper from Ikea last year! I only bought one roll and have used it very sparingly!

and every day candles are lit to bring in that festive cheer ...
and maybe a 4 legged festive squirrel or two ....
these little intrepid beings are my very first 4 legged sculptures and one will be in my etsy shop very soon (the other one, Cranachan, lives in Norway - yup! a birthday request from a tiny niece)

and ofcourse at xmas time you must have pepperhearts to snack on with your cups of tea!

I bought 2 boxes in Stavanger to last me thru the season.
About a week after arriving back, in November, the first box became empty!
It just sort of happened! I'm not sure I remember exactly how though ....

Baby Hare Munro - who likes to say 'I didn't remember because it's not important to me'

Little Munro has a bad memory. At first it wasn’t apparent, well for the first few days after he was born and never ventured out of his nest it wasn’t apparent. But on the 4th day when he decided to take his first foray into the big world, stepped outside his nest and scooted across the meadow to explore, admire the flowers and nibble anything he could get his teeth on, mama soon realized that something was a little amiss.
When it was dinner time and he was a minute late mama became worried and set off to find him. She searched thru all the grasses in the meadow, searched in vain for ages and ages and could find him no-where. Only to make her way home feeling very sad when suddenly she stumbled across him in another mama’s nest!
Goodness me! she exclaimed, and clutching him to her chest asked Munro what on earth had happened and why on earth was he is a strange nest?
Munro looked up at mama and said plaintively that he didn’t know. After playing he was making his way back home when suddenly he realized he had forgotten to remember where his nest was, so he jumped into the first one he came across. And! he cried, he had been waiting ages and ages for mama to bring dinner! Gosh he sure was hungry!
Well, wasn’t mama just a little surprised, perplexed even. None of her babies had ever done this before. Every day would have to be approached with consideration if Munro was to be able to use his memory facilities efficiently. He had to concentrate harder than all the other babies in kindergarten, and the teacher did not take ‘I didn’t remember because it’s not important to me’ as an acceptable excuse! The other babies gave small smirks of superiority as he blurted this out time and time again. Not that that bothered Munro – he just didn’t notice them because he didn’t deem it important to listen to the noises they made.
His teacher pulled out a few hairs in frustration, and said to him that it’s important to notice and absorb all the things happening around you because you never know when you may need to recall that specific piece of information, or that specific situation. Munro’s little greyey-brown eyes opened really wide at this and he promised to try and be a better rememberer.

Munro is looking forward to dozing comfortably on your armchair. He will be thinking about the importance of trying to remember all that he sees and hears. He’d like the window left open a little please as mama will be stopping by to see him every day and he has kinder to go to as well.
He is looking forward to trying to remember things so he hopes that you will help him. But you have to take it slow as he may appear flurried and a little disinterested at first as his brain tries to handle the information overload.
Though over time it will get easier to process and file all the stuff, he knows that, he’s just not so sure how it will all happen so smoothly. He’s heard that brains are big complex things but he’s been wondering how big his brain really is, because after all, he only has a small hare head. And it’s not even as big as mamas!
You are good at recalling things aren’t you? And you will be able to help him when his memory flags won’t you? He hopes so, as he doesn’t want to be in a pickle and make it seem like he is uninterested in you and what you are doing, when you ask him a question and he is sitting there with a slightly vacant look on his face.

a few more hares will be hopping into my etsy shop soon, if I can only get them away from the pepperhearts and the xmas tree,
...em, remember their names!


  1. The whole post was wonderful. I love the tree and wonder how many people would ever even bother to recycle their Starbucks cups. I get a drink from them once in a while in the summer. Triple expresso shot on ice and I add cream....yum.

    Love Munro and his story and I love that you saved whiskers and fur. Do you imagine you can smell the fair Arabella that way? I am always sniffing things from family and buns past. I know I can still smell their scent.

  2. thanks Christina! sounds like your coffee is a strong one, but nice!
    I can smell Arabella in my memory too, her lovely soft fur and her distinctive gentle scent! I have all her fleeces still.

  3. A lovely, lovely tree of love. :)

    That reminds me--I need to noodge hubby into getting ours (either that or take his work van and get one myself). It would be nice to have it up before Christmas.

  4. Beautiful tree, beautiful memories....

  5. Your tree looks beautiful Annette. I especially love that you put your memory hearts on it. I too have a memory heart made by Pey, & wear it round my neck next to my own heart all the time.

  6. thank you Jade :)

    thanks Karen :)

    yes they are beautiful Jane :)


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