Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Snow flurries in Scotland!

the last few days in Edinburgh have barely been above a couple of degrees and there has been snow dustings on the hills!

and a light dusting inside my flat ....

... with the snow flurry tiny hares

Cripes! no wonder I've been shivering lately! said Wesley, pulling his fur coat around him tighter

these little flurries are in my etsy shop and looking forward to scampering around your xmas tree very, very soon!

and this partial snow flurry, maybe even a bit of slush in the mix here, is waiting for a home too!

I'm talking about the watercolour painting of the Copenhagen rabbit - not the porcelain ornament - that one has shelf sitting duties to do!

and in a catalogue for Royal Copenhagen, was a picture of a man and woman in a passionate moment on some rocks called Wave and Rock.
I seriously want that on my shelf thank you!

I don't own one single human ornament in my flat, it's all hares and reindeer and rabbits and ..... but when I saw this passionate sculpture I put it on my wish list. Romantic, powerful, and er, passionate (again)!

and nothing excites me more than beautiful images in porcelain, whether sculptures or transfers on plates.
There is something permanent and luxurious and fragile about that glazed image.

So I decided to get some of mine put onto mugs,

and voila - my kissing hares 'you got me at xo' have been holding delicious drinks of hot tea lately!

and my brown hare portrait is on them too 'wish you were hare' - punning 'here' with 'hare' (is punning a word I wonder?)
and 'from Scotland with Love .. Always xo'

so that's all my xmas presents-giving taken care of this year!

and it looks rather swish in my etsy photo shoots too!

here is Baby Hare Max jumping over the lovers!
Max is the fastest hare in the meadow, um, I mean the world ...

As soon as Max made her first foray out of the nest she has been running and leaping and jumping and bounding ever since. Nearly all the other hares like to spend their days resting, after all what’s the point of being the fastest runner around if you can’t take advantage of the down time? and why on earth would you want to run, run, run everywhere when you can saunter instead? It takes a lot of nibbling to build up the energy to run all the time you know. Anyway, Max doesn’t really listen to them as they lie there and try to dissuade her from running about so much. Besides she absolutely loves to run and she has made many new friends too as she sprints along. There are the swallows in the sky for a start. They fly awfully fast to the ground and she does well to keep up with them until an insect is spotted then they veer off for the snack. And there are the local rescue dogs who come to the fields for a quick sprint before their owners get bored and pester them to come back. The naughty ones pretend they can’t hear the shouts and incessant name calling. Now that’s a bit of a pity because a few of them are greyhounds, and as they have told Max, being long legged and sleek makes for a good sprint and nothing feels better than having the wind whip your tongue out of your mouth as you race along. Well, Max smiles politely when they say this, as er, her tiny tongue stays firmly in her mouth as she does her darting along. Mind you though she just loves the feel of the wind as it lifts her long ears off her back and wheeks them straight out behind her. Unlike the strange shaped hankies they have on their heads that they called ears. Max is also very pleased because she has managed to outpace every dog in the field too. And after the race is over she waits patiently at the other edge for the greyhounds to bring her one of their tasty snack biscuits that the humans always seem to have on them, and say their cheerios to her. Because ofcourse, it is winner takes all and Max is always the first to finish and why race without a reward, especially when it is a tasty biscuit? The greyhounds are always pleased to share their biscuits though because they love a challenge and nothing is better than stretching your legs in a huge field with someone who runs faster than you. Not that they would ever admit to that though, Max merely hears them complaining all the time when they do finally catch up. You know, the usual - sore throat, colds, dodgy toenail, missed breakfast, sore stomach because they ate something by the side of the road on the way here, pulled a muscle, etc etc. She has heard every excuse in the book but makes sure to politely listen with concern as they go on. They said to her that on really bad days they don’t make it as far as the fields and would be stuck down their local park instead with fat labradors and disinterested poodles and not a single sprinter among them, deary me!

Max is looking forward to having brief, short naps on your comfy armchair by the window. The window has to be left open at all times though as she will be off out most hours to do her running and making more friends. And she will be doing quick sprints at home inside too, because if she doesn’t stretch her muscles often then they tend to get a bit stiff, and that’s only after a few hours! Mind and use the grippy pads to keep your rugs down please as she’s not wanting to career into a wall as she bounds over the floors at high speed! and she is looking forward to making friends with your furry pack and having her first race with them. She’s hoping that none of them get huffy though, nothing worse than a sore loser, especially one who doesn’t share their biscuits! Oh and one last thing, a few of her friends wondered why she had a boy’s name. Boy’s name? she barked, nothing of the sort she said, don’t you know that hares get named by the stars at night and her mama said that Max was a very special name and given to those with the biggest hearts. You can see that she has a big heart can’t you? and you do have one too, don’t you?

and ofcourse Max runs rings around the puppies! here she is making 2 puppies rather dizzy!

Max is already in her forever home and she went to a very special person who does excellent work in greyhound rescue - Jane from Max and Molly Designs / The Dog House
I own a few of Jane's beautiful screen printed items - bags, paw prints advent calendar and treat bags and I absolutely love them!!

... aaaahh! at long last - the heating has finally been switched on!

... yawwwwwnnn .. have those flurries melted yet?

...zzzz, has my dinner been served yet .... Zzzzzzz


  1. Wesley, you look ever so snuggy in that wicker basket--however did your mum resist the urge to scoop you up and smooch the bejeezus out of you?

  2. I absolutely love the white ones, they are tooo cute!

  3. Oh Wesley, you're so adorable!

    Those kissing hare mugs are awesome!

  4. Aw Wesley, you have the right idea buddy. Stay warm.

    Love the mugs and baby Max.

  5. ha ha! I didn't Jade - he got a cuddle right after the photo :)

    thanks Michelle!

    thank you Juliet!

    thanks Christina :) it sure is chilly here!

  6. Love the kissing buns on the mugs. And Wesley is just too sweet. Love him, too.

  7. Ohhh I love the mugs!! And Wesley, you are too cute! :)

  8. thank you Karen and Christabel - his royalty has been informed :)
    and he sends kisses back xx

  9. I hope you & Wesley are keeping each other warm in this stormy weather - the dogs & I are all snuggled up together! I love the kissing hares mugs - are they going to be on sale in your Etsy shop? Baby hare Max is busy watching over old man greyhound Max, whose photograph is now framed on a shelf in our living room. She is just perfect, & so is her story - thank you so much for making her for me.

  10. Jane, glad that Max is beside her Max :)
    I think I will try and get the mugs done for my shop, they turned out rather well.


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