Tuesday, 18 August 2009

15 minutes of Fame

Baby Hare Trim is in his first ever movie role!! and he is ever so excited!!

When I told him the other day that he is starring in a movie with Bean the Boston Terrier he immediately raced over to the computer to watch it.

He didn't want popcorn or lemonade at all and was content to just watch the movie - his tiny eyes glued to the screen. (I mentioned to him that he shouldn't be sitting so close to the screen as it would damage his eyes but he just tutted and kept watching).

Baby Hare Trim is ready to explore the world but he is still a bit afraid of the tall grass stems blowing in the wind. He is eager to meet new friends but has a slight stutter and he is a bit nervous. His mother has enrolled him on a Baby Hare in the World Assertiveness course. So far he is doing very well. He has to walk thru patches of tall grasses and introduce himself to many strangers on the way, such as blackbird, song thrush, heron, water vole and roe deer. They all think he is a darling as he scampers along with big, big eyes.

There was a tap on the door and Bean stopped by to watch the movie with him as well. That was a Surprise!!

and then tiny Bruno his friend came along too! It was getting so crowded at the computer screen that I nearly didn't have a chance to watch the movie too! After all, I am rather proud that little Trim is a budding movie star!! my, my!
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This is the video above. Unfortunately I haven't been involved with the movie business and I have no idea how to embed a movie - I did try (dismally). If I get my computer guru over later I may be able to amend it!
But in the meantime I made a treasury on etsy to celebrate this magic journey!!

Bean is the star and Trim asked that I put in some friendly lagomorphs.

I want to thank Anne for producing such an excellent movie and giving Bean a loving home and a wonderful career!
The movie is in an etsy competition so Trim has asked that you all consider casting your vote his way.
He has heard that many famous movie stars are actually nervous too - so he doesn't feel so bad any more!

Bean even mentioned to him that he is taking private lessons with a certain ex-movie star - (but it's all hush hush!)

(Mr Schwarzenegger is my hero too! This pic came via Tustin Magazine but Trim recognized it from Arnold's movie Commando - he's a big fan aswell!)

30 seconds later Bean was off to do some more exploring so we have given him a small bag of shortbread and some sprigs of lucky white heather for his adventures.

Well - that was a busy day at the movies!
uh-oh! what's this?
Trim is still stuck to the screen - I think that's 5 times in a row he has watched it now!

I might as well have a cup of earl grey tea in Anne's delightful vessel ......
Many thanks to Anne and Bean from BeantownHandmade !


  1. Baby Hare gets 14.96 more minutes and deserves them too, what a SUPER STAR.

  2. Annette, You're creative mind makes me smile and brightens my evening. Give Baby Hare a hug for me.

  3. Annette! This is so adorable and brought such a huge smile to my face. My husband and I both enjoyed looking at this SO much ;)Bean sends a big hello to Trim and says thanks for the shortbread and heather, and Michael and I send a huge thanks for supporting our little animation and our shop. You are the best!

  4. Annette, another wonderfully, delightful post :)

    Lovely evening reading to be sure!


  5. So wonderful ! Congrats to all of you, including the adorable animals featured ;0)

  6. Fabulous, wonderful! Love the story and the film. And all the superstars in the film. Bean is so handsome, and trim so cute, they should star in many more movies together.

  7. How great! What a wonderful video and Trim certainly does deserve his moment in the spotlight. Here's to many more feature roles!

  8. SENSATIONAL ENTERTAINMENT !!! how absolutely fabulous :)

    FIVE TOES for both the movie and blog write up...

  9. That little movie is just adorable!

  10. Great news, I'm off now to check out your movie and vote vote vote!

  11. So cute shots all
    You make me smile :)))))


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