Saturday, 29 August 2009

4.5 (yrs) - my youngest customer

There is no age limit on who can commission a baby hare from me and I have just completed (under supervision) a little hare for a very little person.

The supervisor was the commissioner and she chose the fabric, eye colour and name of her baby hare. Whew! that made my job real easy! I was merely the stitcher and stuffer.

Baby Hare Ann Mari

Ann Mari is a very gentle little hare who just loves to collect – everything!
Even when she already has one or two of the same items she still loves to have more of the same.
Now she has a growing mountain of beautiful and unusual leaves, shells, pine cones, seed pods and pussy willow buds.
Quite a few of the other hares stop by to admire her collections and some ask for advice.
Ann Mari is writing a comprehensive manual on the intricacies of gathering. First she has to tabulate all her things and photograph them, whew! that will take a long time!
She prefers to perch on a shelf surrounded by her special possessions, camera and draft manual – she still has a lot of work to do.

Ann Mari has already been to the zoo, the play park, shopping and participated in living room family games. Such a young hare and oh-so busy!

My commissioner and I went to our very first 3D movie - Ice Age3.
What an exciting and enjoyable experience that was. There were 5 adults and 3 tiny humans. And we also went to the yearly Edinburgh Craft Market held at the end of Princes Street.

As we walked around looking at all the etsy style handmade (in Scotland) stuff the youngster spotted some 'cuffs' and raced over to try them on. They were adult size and very colourful and could have been single knee warmers instead as they were so big.

But being the adaptable aunty that I am I said I would make it her size - and to just go ahead and choose her favourite. The pink fluffy one came home with us and half an hour later it fitted perfectly.

However the even younger niece had her eye on it aswell so I whipped up one just for her - in her colours -

Blues, greys and rich setting suns - a prefect compliment to the eyes and hair and personality.

With a gorgeous wolf on the front for strength and determination, white faux fur and shiny fluffy white strands and blue soft petals for beauty.

So I suppose I could say that my youngest customer was infact 2.5 yrs!
(non-paying customers ofcourse - I am an aunty after all!)


  1. Adorable post! Enjoy your weekend. TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Annette, this was such a lovely post to read on a Saturday evening ~ beautiful creations ~ and very lucky recipients :)

  3. I enjoyed reading this post Annette! I hope Zip will get a good home as well.

    Thanks for commenting on my blog. I'm so excited about the sock knitting machine and read all the information I can find about these old machines.

  4. The 4.5-year-old has very good taste!

  5. What fun! I love Baby Hare Ann Mari's story too. You must be a very wonderful auntie.

  6. I love the hare and the story, and that cuff is gorgeous! You are an amazing aunt - your nieces are very lucky!

  7. thank you Marydon

    and Lily - thanks as well! I'm glad the cuffs were a success with the small ones :)

    Eline - Zip is off to his forever home! good luck with your knitter - it looks like fun!

    thanks Annette - she has indeed! (nice name!)

    Diana - I have been working on it - auntyness is half learned and half trial and more errors!

    thanks Katie - love to the furries!

    Elizabeth - thank you! I'm lucky to have them :)


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