Wednesday, 5 August 2009

New fur-Babies

Some new baby hares have been born and are in my etsy shop-

Phillip loves the plants of the wild undergrowth and likes to explore the small paths left by the voles and rabbits. He loves the dandelion fluff flying in the wind and if he sees some floating in the air he dashes off to chase them, though never straying too far from the undergrowth.
Usually at the end of the day when he makes his way home he is covered in the dandelion fluff and little burrs and what-nots clinging to him. His mama spends ages tutting and picking it all off.

Baby Hare Avka

Avka is one of the whitest baby hares ever born and his mama has told him to take care during the day lest he be spotted by someone hungry. Avka is not afraid and he has been practicing his leaping and bounding. He can now jump as high and as far as an adult hare and they are all very impressed and surprised because Avka isn’t at all leggy. Avka is now training his night vision abilities so that he may do more excursions after sunset. He has been growing some herbs and plants that will improve his eyesight as long as none of the younger babies nibble them first.

Baby Hare Augustine

Augustine just loves to nibble on sunflower petals and most of the sunflowers in her field are just huge black circles on the end of stalks. Augustine knows that the bullfinches and other birds will come to eat the seeds in winter so she makes sure that the plant will survive until them. She is very dexterous and has learnt to shimmy up the tall stalk and deftly snip each petal off. Some of the other baby hares have heard how good the petals taste and she snips off extra ones for those waiting below.


  1. I love the "Baby Hare Avka"
    its just fur it looks so soft :)
    Great art !!!!
    Have a nice evening :)

  2. Ever so wonderful, love them all, as I saw each one I thought "oh this is my favorite" .

  3. They are all so special, Love your Koalas, and the rescue story too, Lindax

  4. They all look beautiful! (As always!)

  5. Oh WHAT A PLEASURE and delight !
    they are all so LOVEly and Augustine has my fullest attention :)
    THANKS for sharing...

  6. *GASP* Philip! I must have Phillip! Oh he is Darling!!
    They are all gorgeous :)
    ...seriously...must have Phillip.... :)

  7. Annette ~ they are all so adorable ~ my favorite is Phillip ~ I love his "coat" ~ so pretty :)

    and I also love all their little stories behind them, they come alive ~ like the "Velveteen Rabbit " :)


  8. Avka sends a kiss Anya - and one for Kareltje too :)

    thanks Diana! that happens to me when I see rabbits!!

    Linda - I heard that sweet Sam passed away during an operation to remove cysts the other day. She was found to have a terrible disease that is killing so many of the wild koalas. It's very sad indeed.

    Thank you Katie :)

    Nicole - little Augustine heard you!

    Meghann - little Phillip heard you too! :)

    thank you kindly Lily. I have never read the Velveteen rabbit, just seen pictures. Must read it one day (when I have my nieces wth me in the kiddie section of the book store!)


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