Saturday, 1 August 2009

Stop the World for 15 Minutes

In May I decided to take part in Rhonda's Recycled Craft Challenge, mainly because I love recycling and have done for as long as I can remember, even staples from newspapers! I eagerly awaited my little envelope of reycled bits and pieces. It arrived shortly and I put it aside.

As things go, I spent most of July with the flu! But today I remembered my packet of bits and decided to make the challenge entry, even though the deadline had passed (on the sheet of paper it said it was the 20th July). Oh well, I thought, waste not want not - I'll recycle the bits that are left.

So I whipped up a Priceless ACEO in an hour.

~ Stop the world for 15 minutes ~

‘Stop the world for 15 minutes’ Evdokia said to Priceless and please, please make me a clock like that awfully expensive one we saw in Geneva. Ofcourse my darling! said Priceless as he gathered some random whatnots, scavenged from goodness knows where, and got to work sticking and gluing. 15 minutes later it was ready and Evdokia was going to give him a special reward … uh! .. then they both realized that the face was on upside down and a little squint…

The sheet also said to upload your entry to Flicker. Which I did, and then I noticed that the date had been delayed! and after I revisited Rhonda's etsy shop JunkStop I saw the announcement there too!

The envelope had lovely stamps on it (2 clocks and a chair!), a sheet of typed words, 3 bread bag clips, a bottle cap and some small blue beads strung together. The envelope was a cross-hatched blue inside.

I immediately took off the stamps, tore the sheet up to get the interesting words (random whatnots / scavenged / a special reward), took out my pliers and clipped up the bottle cap and bread clips and snapped a single bead in half lengthways and I cut a bit off from inside the envelope! Voila - everything I needed!

I am pretty happy with Priceless and his wife Evdokia's new adventure. This is his first foray into clock assembly, not too bad for 15 minutes!
Rhonda has a blog Crafty Bitch 101 and she had posted about the troubles she encountered by doing this challenge. I was surprised at the huge number of entries (122!) and the huge amount spent on postage. The challenge only cost 20c which is the price of an etsy listing, excluding the etsy selling charge, and my packet was over $1 to post!
She also had to spend endless lunch hours queueing at the post office (not just a British phenomenon then?!) and had to wait for 660 loaves of bread to be used up!!!
But worst of all Rhonda had received negative feedback on etsy which all related to undelivered envelopes!
Hopefully in a years time Rhonda will look back on this experience and will have many funny stories to tell at dinner parties!
I want to thank Rhonda for running this challenge and for promoting recycling and raising awareness about everyday things and their 'usefulness'.
Everything is useful ~ you just have to be ingenious enough to discover it.


  1. Thanks for posting this Annette ~ I love your entry by the way. Poor Rhonda ~ what a backlash she got ~ I feel sorry for her :( Your posts are always so "alive" I love that about them :)


  2. Excellent, and wouldn' we all like to be able to stop time for a bit!

  3. thanks so very much Lily!
    and Rhonda did indeed have such a time!!

    Thank you Karen! yes, I agree, but time just keeps ticking away!

  4. Nice ... worthy enough to stop our time.

  5. I really like this (of course!) - I love what you did with the bread bag ties. But I feel just awful for Rhonda. Why would anyone leave negative (or even neutral!) feedback for a 20 cent purchase?

    And going to the post office on one's lunch hour or on the weekend is indeed horrible here in the US.


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