Friday, 7 August 2009

Christmas in August (perhaps?)

I ordered some treats for Arabella and Wesley from Pampered Piggies in Surrey. I have ordered a couple of times from them before and always been delighted with the excellent service and quality products.

As soon as the big box came I gathered a small selection of the treats so that Arabella and Wesley could try everything. They both made a bee-line for their favourite - Plantain!

- And this was during their sleeping time of the day! They always lie up mid morning and thru the afternoon but the temptation must have been too much.

Wesley also had a munch on the Meadow Herb Cube as well. (He's not really a bask-in-the-sun bunny like Arabella, so he has his eye closed here).

They have had the Burns Plantain before and it was eaten faster than all their other treats. It is dried and comes in a clear bag with a tie. It has nice big pieces of dried stalk and leaf. On Arabella's plate it is on the left hand side (of the photo).
I never knew what the living plant looked like - but these pictures are rather clear. Whether I could identify it if I came across it would be a different matter! I have no problem identifying birds and mammals, but plants - they all look green and straggly to me!!

These are the treats - Plantain (some facts here), Meadow Herb Cubes and Natures Salad.

... and ofcourse what use is a package in the mail if there are no toys?
So there are also 3 Large Paper Tunnels (which are easily made up - I'll post photos when Arabella and Wesley use theirs), a big bundle of Vine Twigs to be tossed, attacked, shredded and snipped and a bag of Camomile Hay to spread all over the carpet and fleeces!
Perhaps is was a pre-Christmas celebration? After all you can never have too many presents!


  1. Love it :)
    Your bunnies are so cute!

    And you're such a great bunny mum getting them some treats and toys :)

  2. What a fun store Pampered Piggies is. I love all the herbal products they sell. Arabella and Wesley and very lucky ! I made some Lemon Balm "hay" the other day and it's all gone now.

  3. Uhm, nobody is bein' spoiled is there☺ No, we didn't think so.

  4. I love all your shots,
    they are so cute :)
    Have a great weekend !!

  5. These are the best photos! Yay for treats!

    P.S. We have broadleaf (and narrowleaf) plantain all over our yard. It chokes out the grass, so I have dug up literally hundreds of plants - too bad I can't send them to Arabella and Wesley!

  6. Plantain is Charlie's 2nd favourite summer greens, red clover being the first, didn't know you could buy dried ones, must order some for Charlie in the winter !!

  7. You sure do know how to spoil your lagomorphs. ;)

  8. We need some of those yummies at our house. Do they ship to the U.S?

  9. yes Christina - Sally does do worldwide shipping.
    The treats are in 100g and 200 bags normally. The plantain is a 100g big bag, and natures salad is 200g (but same size bag).
    The herb cubes are 500g - so rather heavy.
    Just send Sally an email saying what you are interested in and she will let you know the postage.
    Arabella is a very selective eater, so she choose only some of the salad but always eats the plantain. Wesley eats it all :)

  10. Lily - it has been a long, long time since they last had some treats and this was long overdue! Their last treats were from Pampered Piggies.

    Diana that sounds intruiging. Did you dry some 'lemon balm' (thinking in my ignorance *is that a plant?*)

    Family kitties - my two definitely don't think they are being spoiled - they are just so very thankful for everything they get!

    Thank you Anya - hope you and Kareltje have a nice one too.

    Katie perhaps you will be having two small furry house guests for a week?? :)
    (Arabella rushes off to get her weekender bag, Wesley rolls up his fleeces).

    Pey - I hope Charlie likes the dried one, I am sure my two have never tried the fresh one. Just need to get out of the city and get a garden for them!

    Maureen - all part of being a 'bunny-mum'!

  11. Yes, it is a plant that I recognized and I dried in in the sun.....nom, nom....


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