Friday, 21 May 2010

All in a Day's Work .....

This little chap is my latest 'Wesley' Bag.
My Wesley Bags are inspired by my lop eared rescue rabbit Wesley .....
and when I was asked to make a custom bag for two lop eared rabbits I was very excited indeed!

This side has the very handsome and very confident lop rabbit called Biffy.
He has the most amazing markings with very warm eyes - a real charismatic chap!

and on the other side is his bun wife Sogna!
She is a beautiful and gentle lop who lives free range with him in their mama's house in America!

When I was asked a while ago if I could make a Wesley bag depicting these two beautiful, precious rabbits I immediately said yes, ofcourse! Then I spent rather a little while scratching my head.

I studied photos of the posture and markings of Biffy and looked intently at Sogna to see how much white fur she has around her eyes to try and make this bag as real to them as possible.

Their mama, Lisa, was endlessly patient with me as I took far, far longer than I anticipated. All my ideas were tossed around, new ones came, old ones sounded better, new ones again, and all the while Lisa was upfront and honest with me.

I can't thank Lisa enough for sticking with her taste and helping me make this bag just the way she wanted it. Thank you Lisa!
Though, ofcourse, it is nothing compared to her two real-life loveable bundles of fur Biffy and Sogna!

I love all challenges but as an artist I find this can be a long, drawn out process as I work thru different mediums, ideas and angles to come to a solution that will make the commissioner happy.

.... and it all takes time .....

sometimes alot longer than just a day ...

... sometimes even a month ....

.... and no matter how soon I finish a bag I still must give myself a little 'waiting' time with it before it is ready to head out into the world ...

... and we both can part on happy terms, knowing that every thread is in place and every angle is just right ...

even 'regular' bags can be upgraded to have those new features if so desired ...

... so perhaps all in a day's work isn't quite my working schedule, but everything comes together in time

Arabella is completely exhausted listening to me talking about time and avoiding loose threads falling about the place. She is far more interested in catching some real sun time!

and Wesley wants Biffy to know that he just loves his spots, however he was wondering that if Sogna keeps on licking - will they all come off?


  1. Your bags are beautiful! Wonderful job on all your custom work. Absolutely stunning!

  2. Those bags are fantastic - I especially love the white, fuzzy one - what did you use for the fuzz????

    But, there's nothing like the real thing, baby - those last photos of the bunny sleeping and the white loop are the best one of all...they are so adorable!

  3. I think your bags have always been marvelous and... i also think your craftsmanship on them is reaching a new level. The brown tweed fabric, for instance, is ab fab... and the way you are layering the whites over it is super sensational. Absolutely delightful, Annette !

    Its always wonderful to read your blog posts and see so many beautiful images and crafts ! Thanks for sharing all about it :)

  4. The custom purse is a beauty, a wonder of the bun world.

  5. Hey! We saw that bag there on their blog! Great work ...

  6. what gorgeous bags! Wonderful photos of Arabella and Wesley too

  7. Such wonderful new bags - and custom made too. Wonderful work!

  8. Your custom bag is really outstanding Annette. I looked at the pictures of Biffy and Sogna and you did an amazing job capturing their likenesses and personalities. You were defintely up to the challenge and even outdid yourself :>) Arabella is beautiful and Wesley looks like a whole new man now that he's been under your care for a while - so nice to see that change!

  9. My God they are amazing. Really really beautiful. I would love to have one of my own one day. You know every so often I set myself goals and treats at Cottontails, and I think I might involve a bag as a reward sometime this year.

    I am going to send a link to a bunny friend of mine who happens to have a passion for handbags - she is going to love your things.


  10. The bag you made for Lisa is amazing (as is all your work!) And I love the photos of Arabella and Wesley.

    P.S. Thank you so much for donating to VSPCA! I have been corresponding with Eileen and they really need the help - she is working very hard to try to raise funds. (She volunteers all her time!)

  11. The new creations are breathtaking beauties.

  12. They are all so fabulous Annette! Of course you know that the white one is my all time favorite!
    Hugs to you, Arabella and Wesley!

  13. thank you Donna!

    Doris I used bridal quality faux fur. Really nice stuff and very soft. For the shorter faux fur I used a brilliant white plush.

    thanks Nicole!

    and Diana - the buns are real wonders :)
    but we all know that!

    thank you Bunns

    and thanks Juliet, I have passed on your compliments

    thanks Jude!

    and Karen, thanks, it's true about Wesley, he has changed so much, he's a real heart stealer!

    thank you very much Charlotte (will Humphrey know you wish to add another some time??)

    thanks Katie for letting me know about VSPCA, glad to be able to help a little

    thank you Pey! ofcourse, I think that about little Charlie :)

    Shell the white one 'may' have slight tones of blue in it :)
    thank you!

  14. Your bags are just amazing Annette! I love the Biffy & Sogna bag you made - so unique & special. I bet Lisa was a very happy customer ;-)


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