Thursday, 6 May 2010

X Marks the Spot

Today is election day in the UK and unlike any other election in UK history this one will be decisive for two political issues - 1. climate change and 2. fox hunting

Both are equally important to me, primarily because if climate change is not tackled at a governmental level to force industries and individuals to change (those who are not doing it of their own free will and have to be coerced) then the world will be a very sorry place in 50 years time, and rather unrecognizable 100.

I was brought up in Scotland, Zambia and Australia and I have witnessed first hand the effects of global warming in both hemispheres. I have seen disturbing changes in the weather patterns, more so in the last 10 years than at any other time. The extremes of our annual weather are becoming extreme both ways - worse floods, worse droughts, coldest winters in decades, warmest summers in history, etc etc

This is big wake up call, for those not already awake and panicking (ever so slightly because you can always turn the TV off or choose not to read the facts online). Some people will never come onboard and do their bit, team effort style, for humanity and life on earth.
But for those of us who are it is very worrying that the government does not take it more seriously.
We still have a lot to learn from nature, in particular the structured and ordered societies of ants and bees!

Franny Armstrong, environmental campaigner and the founder of 10:10 and Director of the climate change movie 'The Age of Stupid' had her say in the guardian online about whom to vote for.
You can watch The Age of Stupid for free here, until close of election booths tonight, UK time.

The second issue that I am greatly concerned about is the silly 'pastime' of fox hunting and the other blood sports that the UK hunting law covers such as hare coursing as well. The Conservative party (also know by their slang term as 'tories') has said that they will repeal the hunting law if they get in power, which means that will surely allow hunting again. The LibDems have announced that they will side with the tories too.

I am completely mystified as to why any sentient human would even consider hunting in today's society. It is a barbaric, animalistic practise that surely died out when humans no longer had to go and catch their dinner instead of growing it.

Unfortuntately some parts of UK society believe it is their birth right to pursue, harry, torture and kill those animals who belong to no-one except mother nature.

I won't describe any of the events - as animal lovers you will already know and feel the pain badly.

The picture of the Fox above appeared yesterday in the main UK newspapers. It was placed by the Political Animal Lobby which was founded by Brian Davies and appeals to those who do not know about the tories hunting plans.
Brian Davies is the founder of IFAW, the International Fund for Animal Welfare and he has campaigned long and hard on many important animal issues.

So I am concerned about my vote and want to make sure that my X will work best for these two important 'issues' (if I can use such a flippant term).
Glad I know what party I Won't be voting for!


  1. THANK YOU for your clear & compassionate viewpoint about how crucial the UK voting will be today.

    Voting these days always seems to be about voting against (as opposed to voting for) sigh. I havent been following the polls in the UK but i will pray for the foxes today and hope for the best. FOXES ARE SO PRECiOUS and as you say belong only to mother nature.

  2. Good luck with the elections today...
    I am shocked to find out people still support the fox hunt. What the heck is the matter with people? Do they actually feel good about themselves for taking part in this so called 'tradition'. Time is running out for us. We better start loving our Mother Earth, and ALL living creatures upon it, because payback is coming soon, and no one will be able to escape it.
    Hope the people speak up loud and clear

  3. I am hoping both issues get support! Of course, you know how I feel about fox hunting, and I certainly hope that it ends. I also do a lot of work at my job on climate change and know that it's a crucial issue no matter whether anyone "believes" in it or not (I say this because I have actually had people tell me that they "don't believe in global warming" - no comment!)

  4. Fox hunting? What a stupid idiotic pastime. I dont get it and I hope I never do.

  5. thanks Nicole. it's damage limitation I suppose - hoping for the best on a descending scale!

    Betty I hope they speak up too. I hope enough of them speak up and take a stand.

    thanks Katie. I watched The Age of Stupid - and it's a shocking movie - the sad thing is, is that it is already happening and if no action is taken, it will get worse, fast.

    I don't get it either Christina. The mentality is just right off the scale.

  6. Thanks Annette. I agree on both counts & just hope enough people have considered these issues before casting their vote that we can make a difference.

  7. I enjoyed reading your post although it is with rather a heavy heart, given yesterdays news of a Tory Lib Dem coalition. It just makes me sick and angry that the fox hunting vote will be up again, just because the Tories weren't happy with the last result. What kind of system is it where the question is asked again and again until the 'right' answer comes? It reminds me of a planning application for Tesco supermarket in a small market town near here. It was refused to they applied again. Refused so they applied again... continue in this vein until it was eventually granted. It was always going to happen because of the balance of power. I hate it.

    Sorry, bit of a rant.

    Love Charlotte


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