Thursday, 27 May 2010

a Sea-Change - Exhibiting again at 3Harbours

Today I set up my exhibition for the 3rd year running at the 3 Harbours Art Festival.

It didn't take too long as I only had a few paintings with me that I was keen to show. Some had been at the previous years exhibitions.

They all fitted nicely on the single wall that I had.

I shall perhaps take along a few smaller hare sketches to add to this collection.

I've got one of my hare watercolours in the Greens and Blues gallery in North Berwick at the moment so I took all my other hare paintings as well as a large one of the Bass Rock with North Berwick Harbour and a smaller one of a mother Wild Boar and her 3 Piglets to put up.

If the large hare looks rather familiar ....

It may be because it has undergone a sea-change into something richer (but not stranger) ....

.. from this bright and bitty watercolour to a more scratchy and free flowing darker hare.

To me art is always changeable if it does not initially satisfy and I make sure to listen to myself and not to be afraid to make those changes - even it took a year to make them! The essence of your original painting will always be there if the eyes are just right, they are the soul, after all.

Arabella was impressed by this sea-change and decided to try out a sea-change herself as a fluffy-faced, short-eared cat until I told her that cat's aren't vegans and don't like curly kale!

Do stop by to see my exhibition if you have time.

It's on this Saturday 29th and Sunday 30th May and then next week Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th June at VENUE 54 which is in Cockenzie House on 22 Edinburgh Road.
It's a very big old building set back behind a big wall in gardens and I'm in the West side conservatory with 3 other artists. The front and North Gate will be open and sign posted.
(I was in venue 56, a hairdressers, but that doesn't bide too well with watercolours, so thanks to Yvonne for changing my venue at short notice!).


  1. Nice exhibit of paintings! Arabella looks so adorable in her basket...

  2. The exhibit looks great I'm sorry I'm so far away! The hares are just glorious and so is Arabella, of course :)

  3. I love how the hare turned out, and Arabella is gorgeous, as always. Good luck with the show.

  4. How lovely! Wish I could come see in person.

    Arabella is so cute. But how did you keep her from eating it???

    In response to your comment on my blog... Biff is not actually crawling, he just lays like that, with his toes curled under. It doesnt look comfortable, but he seems to like it. My guess is, it's the best of both worlds for him. He is stretched out and relaxed, but his feet are ready to run at any moment! When Biff stretches out his feet behind him, Jon and I always say he looks like a Walrus, because of the way his feet are always turned out.

  5. Wish I could attend! Your paintings look beautiful (of course), and that wall with the chair rail really works well to show them off.

  6. Just found your blog and, I have to say, I love your work. Looking forward to having a wee browse around here!

  7. thank you Doris. Arabella does look cosy! no room in there for me :)

    thanks Diana, Arabella says thankxx too

    thank you Karen!

    Lisa - the edges have all been 'adjusted'! every now and again there will be a commotion inside with the renovations!
    Biffy is just adorable!!

    thanks Katie! the rail was handy to hold my hooks!

    thanks Roisin, nice to meet you!

  8. Wow Annette - this is a busy time of year for you with all these shows / exhibitions! I missed out this weekend but will be heading down to Cockenzie see your paintings next weekend. I love the transformation your hare has made (& also the one that Arabella considered making!!)/ Jx


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