Wednesday, 12 May 2010

The Skit ....

I rather like writing stories, hence my Baby Hares tales and the adventures of Priceless and Evdokia so when Toni from etsy shop The Bucktoothed Bunny announced a writing competition I had to dive right in!

Titled : Murder? Mayhem? Romance? Comedy? Tragedy? Musical? You Decide!
It features 16 images from 16 etsy shops and a story has to be written to encompass every image.
Well, well, I put on my thinking cap (dreaming cap actually - my stories tend to the whimsical side) and before you knew it I had it all down -

Beebee was simply fed up of getting canned this-and-that for dinner every day, it was making her breath smell like a damp forest! So one dark evening she put on her best pearls and met up with Christopher for a chat over a coffee.

The next night at the theatre they sat hand-in-hand (paw-in-paw) and watched a corny, French romance with bad accordian playing that sounded like a typewriter (did you ever!) and resolved to end the can-slop-saga once and for all.

The following day Christopher supplied the fatal potion and Beebee tipped the vial into the wine glass. Half an hour later they heard a thud like a pile of books - Miss Maplethorpe had tripped over Augustus in the living room and whacked her head on the vintage camera.

Whew! that was a relief! no need to check under her nose every five minutes for an air flow now.

They picked up their backpacks and headed to the train station. Well actually, Christopher carried BeeBee's bag with the love heart on it. She is his sweetheart after all!

That was it then - no more tins-from-hell.

Ofcourse, as it's a competition there would be no winners without voters - so please stop by Toni's blog to read all the other entries - have a pot of tea and some biscuits on hand and at the end cast your vote for the story that best takes your fancy.

Toni has made it possible to vote three ways
2. on her facebook page
3. on the Etsy treasury page in the comments section

I was, ahem, 'forced' to vote for my own story, as I had Christopher and BeeBee 'smiling' at me (as dogs do) as I typed my vote!
but please vote for your fav story - they are all fun! I particularly like Tamera's version!

and the prize - a super gift card from Toni's shop!
I know exactly what I love there!


  1. Of course, I voted for you! I really enjoy your writing style. All the stories were great - and I love that treasury.

  2. thank you so much Katie!!
    it was a super competition and so much fun - Toni really put it together exceptionally well and the entries are great - so exciting to see people take part!
    Toni makes exceptionally beautiful and intelligent treasuries as does her sister Tamera!


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