Friday, 4 September 2009

Buy One Get One Free

Priceless and Evdokia have decided that it is sale time. All ACEOs are buy one get one FREE in my etsy shop.

Either wait for a refund via paypal or go thru checkout with your choices and I shall send a revised invoice. (No idea how to do that yet! but there's always time to learn).

To celebrate the sale I made some 'sale' ACEOs which will be going into my shop shortly. It was only going to be the one sale ACEO but things got a bit out of hand when I saw all the extra notes and cushions...

What would you like?

Evdokia had gone out shopping and she had a good idea of what she wanted. She needed some drinks coasters and some napkins for her hostess tray. Well, well, 10 hours later she eventually made it home with four cushions and two paintings! What would you like? she had asked herself in the shop, completely forgetting about the coasters or napkins - the choice is yours – after all they are having a buy one get one free sale! She grabbed a green rabbit cushion to her chest and plumped up a Save the Whale one.

Smart spender
Evdokia had said to Priceless that she needed to buy a comfy cushion for the armchair and she would be back shortly. Well, this was her lucky day – the cushion maker was having a sale – buy one get one free! Wow! gasped Evdokia – stuffing four rabbits and whales into her basket. What a smart spender I am she gloated later as she sat on the armchair admiring her purchases. Saving feels good! Then she noticed Priceless eyeing the cushions – all four of them! – luckily, he didn’t complain – maybe he hasn’t noticed yet!

Priceless had mentioned to Evdokia that his jumper was getting a bit threadbare and if she ever came across a new one to just buy it. Evdokia was always mindful of this but never came across any jumpers, anywhere. The other day though, she did happen on a Special Offer sale and immediately thought of Priceless. She piled her shopping trolley sky high and later at home began filling in the gift tag …to the person who has everything… That evening when Priceless unwrapped the thick wads of £5 notes he was indeed charmed as Evdokia had told him about the buy one get one free sale!

Decisions, decisions, decsions

Evdokia was jostling with the crowds trying to grab as much as she could in the Buy One Get One Free sale. Goodness, this was a real melee! You’ll need to be super quick to get one she thought as she put out her foot to trip up the lady racing past her. Then there was the conundrum of what colours she should settle on. Decisions, decisions, decisions… She finally chose purples, blues and aquas. Later that night Priceless gave her a kiss for the huge, huge present that she’d spent hours gift wrapping for him.

The delightful little cushions came from Cynthia of etsy shops Kitty and Dots and Digital Download.
I got them the other day and thought what on earth can I do with them? most people make these little graphics into cute scrabble tile pendants. I could just envision my fingers getting covered in layers of glazes and glues and bits of cushions stuck to my palms and goodness knows where ever else.
(Earlier today I 'discovered' 3 missing grey hares from a grey hare card that I had just made up adhered to the bottom of my trousers!) The card has all it's hares on - I always double check - and I did spend 5 minutes searching the room for the hares (even though they were also 'searching' with me!).
So the easy option was in a Priceless ACEO! As you can see I love them and so do Priceless and particularly Evdokia - she is the cushion lover!
Many thanks to Cynthia for making this excellent quality downloadable sheet. I shall be donating 10% from the sale of these ACEOs to The Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare where Wesley came from.


  1. I love the missing gray hares story!! It sounds an awfully lot like my house.

  2. Glad I found you your Blog

  3. Funny about the hares, have a great sale! I visited the Arctic Hares site on your side bar there, wow! so cool, no pun intended.

  4. ha ha! Elizabeth - fun times indeed!

    thanks bad p. - nice of you to stop by

    Diana the Artic hares are amazing and I have wanted to visit them for years and years and do some studying!


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