Monday, 7 September 2009

Baby Hare Archie - Real Hare Size

The other day I made my first ever real size hare!

Please meet Baby Hare Archie ~

Archie is a very handsome and elegant young hare and has the grace of a thoroughbred horse. He usually spends his days relaxing with the ex-race horses in the far field and at dusk makes his way home with his best horse friend Harvey. Harvey knows that after a whole day chatting, asking endless questions beginning with why and playing that little Archie is always tired and he puts him up on his high, high back to take him home. Archie is always grateful for this special treat and when they reach the nest Harvey makes sure to tuck him in warmly and snugly. Archie always dreams of running in the wind with the horses with the countryside flashing past. Sometimes his legs move in his sleep!

Here is Archie with my usual size of babies - Baby Hare Pharlap -
His mama named him after the famous Australian racehorse. She chose well because he is a very fast hare, infact he is the fastest baby around. Although he is not very big and with moderate sized legs he still darts from place to place like lightening. Mama also made him a beautiful jumper with a racehorse on it and he wears it every day. When he grows up he wants to train the new baby hares to run very fast.

Archie has been made with the same horses upholstery material as Pharlap and he has turned out rather nice.
Archie was pleased to meet Pharlap and they did some exploring (of my flat) together. First they played hide and seek and invited Wesley and Arabella to join in -

Wesley was enjoying his daily afternoon nap but sleepily had a look around and couldn't see either of them anywhere! ... yawn!.....

After a couple of hours hiding little Pharlap had gone into a deep sleep and couldn't be mustered but Archie was still wide awake - peering thru the undergrowth (of my arm chair)

Arabella decided that Pharlap had the right idea and after a quick round of the premises she too decided to call it a day -

Rabbits and hares are just not daytime revellers! Well, not here anyway!

After a few more hours of patiently waiting to be found by a fellow lagomorph good-natured Baby Hare Archie glanced at the clock and couldn't believe the time! Goodness! was it really so late! it was by high time he started to make tracks - he had a forever home to go to!

Perhaps more Baby Hare real hare sizes will be in my shop sometime ~


  1. He is darling! I love your creations. Have a lovely week. TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. I love the photos....Archie had a very busy day!

  3. Archie and Pharlap look so cute together! I really like the fabric that you used.

  4. Great work,
    its so lovely and cute.
    Thanks for your visit :)
    Kareltje =^.^=

  5. He's just gorgeous, Annette! & I always enjoy looking at pics of your bunnies ;-)

  6. A very good idea, more Archie size hares please.....

  7. thank you Marydon

    yes Suzanne - Archi had been busy! He had a good sleep after all that!

    thanks Bad P

    Katie - they do look good together! it's a rather thick and stiff upholstery material with lovely horses printed on it

    thank you Anya

    Jane - vice versa - I love looking at your dogs pics!

    thank you Diana

    and Pey - more real hare size hares are coming...


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