Thursday, 10 September 2009

Persistence - never give up!

The greatest lessons in life come from nature and the rest come from books.

Porbably not enough people look to nature ... as they hurry on their lunch break ... shopping trip ...

and maybe not enough books are opened ... and perhaps those that are ... aren't finished ... or too easily forgotten ...

never-the-less the Herring Gull, larus argentatus, perhaps is not too widely read but he does know about nature's lessons and is unrelentingly determined

and that he is most likely not being employed as a Landscape Gardener Specialist or Outdoor Spaces Engineer.
He will probably be looking for a meal too ~ a tasty worm, a discarded sandwich, a beetle...
if he doesn't persevere he won't get lunch!
and the lesson? - never give up if you believe in something - no matter how many people walk past staring at you and how many ignore you as you struggle away
Love herring gulls? Here are more to look at in all their variations of plumage, sex and age. And if it wasn't for the resourceful and helpful herring gulls and pigeons eating our throw-away society waste then it would be the rats! (I love rats too!)
taken last April in St Andrews Square, Edinburgh, after they spent months ripping out mature trees to be replaced by grass squares, concrete landscaping and humans


  1. Hey, I saw a first cycle Herring Gull in the park and not knowing what it was exactly, thanks for solving that mystery. Shame about the mature trees. I hope it was worth it !! And yes, persistence can be a virtue in most cases.

  2. :(
    Its the nature ....

    Have a nice evening :)

  3. It looks like he found the edge of the sod after it was laid down (and that there might be some tasty bugs under there!)

    And it's difficult to believe they tore up the mature trees unless they were dying for some reason. I'm sure it was expensive too. Sometimes I wonder what people are thinking!

  4. Shocking about the trees, yes gulls can be very, very persistent LOL.

  5. Pey the herring gulls are so amazing - and their plumage varies a great deal. That link is really helpful for identification though!

    Anya - it could be the humans too !

    Katie I watched a few of them doing this incessant tugging for quite a while. I think they were getting their revenge for not having any snacks lying around?

    Perhaps the trees had some disease - so many seem to be getting cut down. The little park was thick was them - it was like a treasure trove and locked to people.
    I don't see many new ones being planted.

    Diana - the council here gets away with alot of 'changes'. Might mean more food for the gulls though - they have some Starbuck thing in the park now!


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