Thursday, 17 September 2009

young Sam in need

Lily's young cat Sam is at the vets. Yesterday he had a massive impact and his hips and back legs are broken.

Lily is waiting to hear about Sam getting specialist surgery as I write.

Lily is a member of my efa team, Etsy For Animals. We have all been sending positive thoughts, love, wishes and hope her way and Sam's way.

She is also a member of the Canada Alberta Street Team on etsy.
Here is Lily and Sam. Sam is product testing a cat Lily has made. I love the way he is hugging the front of the cat!

One day during the past winter Sam turned up at Lily and her husband Gabe's house. He had found his forever home and met his best friend Koru. Koru was rescued as a scrawny, thirsty and starving oil covered kitten by Gabe last summer.

Sam and Koru completely at home.
Lily has a blog and an etsy shop both called Two Stray Cats named after these two precious little furries.

Koru will be thinking about Sam in this time of need.

Lily always donates money to her local animal rescues but with surgery costing between $1,000 to $1,500 she will need every penny from her etsy shop.
I purchased these 2 beautiful note books above. Love the colour!

and I got these 3 gorgeous pillows as well. Love the pattern with the small golden birds. My mum likes them too!

Lily is a very talented lady and she is one of the nicest people I have met on the efa team. She is so very caring and kind and the first to offer help, well wishes and support.
She has some very beautiful textiles in her etsy shop. Any purchases will be shipped next week as she is spending time with Sam at the vets now.

Lily has beautiful cushions like this one in red and creamy white. It's only $10 and is on sale at the moment.

and this pillow is also on sale at only $10! I love the flowery paw print fabric and the rich choclatey colours (yum!!).

Lily also makes notebooks like my two above and these 3 are in cream, grey or white and have a lovely tree on the front.
I'm always scribbling in books (usually the one I happen to be reading!) so using a notebook will be a new leaf for me!

Lily also makes cat plushs - soft sculpture ornaments - and these two are Cat Burglars!! What a beautiful play on words and the heart is such a nice touch.
I bet they are friendly cat burglars just like Halle Berry in CatWoman! (one of my favourite movies).

and these were the ones that Sam was product testing! They have held up well to cat love!
The red heart is striking!

These are great little soft sculpture blocks 'I Heart You' and I could see them being used as bunny toys!! I am sure Arabella would toss them around no problem! Wesley would probably lie ontop of one - he is very much like a cat when he reclines!

Lily and Gabe are in my thoughts, as deeply caring parents, and friends,

and like little Koru here I am thinking of Sam in my heart and sending love and positive thoughts of healing and strength to him.
thank you for reading,
please leave comments of support for Sam and keep him in your thoughts xxx


  1. What a lovely post! We are all praying for poor Sam.

  2. Very touching, this post really conveys what we all feel about our dear Lily and I hope and pray that all goes well for young Sam and that he has many of his nine lives yet to share with his family who loves him so much..

  3. I am thinking of Sam ,
    we purrrr for him ....
    It was a touching story !!!

  4. Oh my prayers go out to Sam and his family. Please keep us posted :)

  5. Sending well wishes for Sam, Lily and Gabe!

  6. Annette ~ thank you so much for creating such a beautiful blog for Sam and I ~ we are both very touched and blessed to know you :)

    Thank you as well to everyone who has left comments here and helped Sam in every way :)

    Lily and Sam

  7. We are all keeping Sam in our thoughts!!!!!

  8. thank you everyone for your well wishes to Sam.
    Positive energy is a thought well spent :)

    Elizabeth (wind and honey) has also posted about Sam on her blog -
    please stop by


    Tara (taraflyphotos) has also posted and has a list of shops giving to Sam's fund for those that would like to purchase items

    and a link to Lily's facebook page with pictures of Sam

  9. Oh, horrible memories when this happened to our cat. Hope Sam will be fine, ours did make it.

    Love the pillows!!!

    Have a lovely weekend ... TTFN ~Marydon

  10. thanks Marydon - Sam has many good thoughts and love being sent his way.


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