Sunday, 27 September 2009

Warm wishes Needed

This is little Molly. She is going thru a critical time just now and has been to the animal hospital and is on pain medications.
Please keep her in your thoughts and wish her strength and fast healing.

Molly was given a permanent home on July 12th by Jen from etsy shop JMcGuniness after being abandoned with no food or water in a cardboard box at a pet shop. She was a skinny wee thing but started to put on weight fast.

She has been sick and had ileus and went from 3.5lbs to just 2.7lbs. Jen is still syringe feeding her Critical Care from Oxbow and she is now managing a little solids.

Jen has another house rabbit called Lola. Lola is the lagomorph star in her etsy shop.

Jen is a photographer and also a member of the Etsy For Animals team that I am on. I own this delicate fawn photograph by her and every time I look at it I am heartened by the calmness.
I have been thinking positive thoughts for little Molly and wishing her great good health and a speedy recovery from her ordeal.
I said to Jen that I would write about Molly so that others could also send love, warm wishes and positive energy to her.
The power of the bunny universe is strong.
with many grateful thanks, Annette xxx


  1. Sending lots of love and healing, positive thoughts to little Molly Bunny :) and hugs to Jen too :)

    You are a wonderful bunny Mum giving this little girl such great care ...

    May she have a miraculous recovery just like my Sammy who has gone through his own rough spot lately ...

    and if Sammy can do it I'm sure your Molly can too :)

    Thanks for sharing this story Annette ~ you are such a kindhearted person :)


  2. Ditto on all that Lily said, sending some positive thought's Molly and Jen's way also!

  3. Bless her little heart. I hope she gets well very quickly.

  4. We are sending many hugs to Molly
    We think on you my sweetie :)))))))

  5. Healing thoughts are on their way to Molly from NYC!

  6. Molly has out very best wishes.
    Lots of love from Diana and Rabbits3

  7. thank you Lily, Sam, Carol, Elizabeth, Anya, Kareltje, Suzanne, Diana, Sydney, Tyler and Amelia for sending those truly wonderful positive thoughts to Molly.
    Fingers and paws crossed for her safe and speedy recovery.

  8. Thank you so so much for keeping Molly in your thoughts!! This morning she ate a little lettuce before her critical care feeding and her first round of pain meds. She seems more alert. She still doesn't feel well, but her prognosis is looking very good!! ~Jen (Molly's mom)

  9. Sweet Molly is in my daily prayers to St. Francis for all the animals, and my three basset boys are slinging buckets and buckets of healing drool her way. Basset drool has wondrous healing power, I know this firsthand:)

  10. thank you so much Mary! cuddles to the houndage pack!

    Jen has posted about Molly today -

  11. Oh I'll send many prayers and happy thoughts her way. Thanks for keeping us informed :)

  12. with all the positive energy for could she not get well? times like this makes me feel proud to be part of such a loving team!

  13. So sorry to hear that Molly hasn't been feeling well! We know Jen will be taking very good care of her, though. And many thanks to Jen for rescuing her.

    We are sending her lots of good thoughts (and purrs!)
    Katie and the cats

  14. Hi Annette, thank you for posting about Molly - we visited and left our well wishes, hoping she is back to normal soon.
    Kisses and nose bumps to Arabella and Wesley (who will somehow always be my favourite x x x)

  15. Here's best wishes for Molly... I hope she is feeling much better soon!

  16. Thank you Meghann for your prayers, and Katie, Franklin, Dobby and Tasha, and Gabriella, Miss Eve and Neville and Lynn - thank you all so much xxx

  17. Thank you so much everyone! It is working! Molly is eating more today! I just posted an update, along with a photo of Molly today! :) Thank you!!

  18. Thank you for the link :))))
    I never seen before its so FUNNY
    Kareltje hates water !!!!!!
    THANKS :)

  19. that's great news Jen!! I'm so glad - and still sending well wishes!

    Anya - that cat drinking water is indeed unusual! glad you like the link :)

  20. Sending lots and lots of good wishes Molly's way. :o)

  21. Good wishes to her!
    and the fawn is just lovely

  22. Molly I am sending you energy and best wishes. I want you to get better so you have a chance to see what a loving bunny home really is.

    Something about a fawn, innocence yes but something else too. Hope perhaps?

  23. Very thoughtfull post on positive thinking. It should be very much helpfull.

    Karim - Positive thinking


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