Saturday, 12 September 2009

Breakfast is served

Arabella tucks into a plate of curly kale and organic carrots.

She eats in style off her Limoges porcelain plate. Meals always taste better when the service is delightful.
Her Allen and Page Natural Rabbit pellets are always served in her Wedgwood Peter Rabbit nibbling on a carrot porringer and her water is in the porringer with Peter running thru a vegetable patch.

Wesley tucks in too. He also loves breakfast time.

His service is an exquisite 3 leaf cabbage dish. The leaf at the front has filtered water in it. Every now and again Wesley will turn over a new leaf - well, hmmm, more accurately he will turn over one of these leaves - usually the one holding the water! (akin to rocking the boat!)

and shortly after breakfast two more real size baby hares came into the world - as yet no-names but after I spend some time with them their names and stories shall 'appear'. They are both happy to forgo the porcelain.

This young chap has deer on him in a meadow scene ~

and this youngster has the blue star white star fabric that my Arabella bag was made out of that I donated to the Buckeye House Rabbit Society.

This little one though does have a name - Baby Feline Button

Button loves to be outside in the garden relaxing amidst the blue coloured flowers. He likes to watch the bees, wasps and other winged insects coming to feed on the nectar and collect the pollen. Rather unusual for a baby feline – Button has no desire to chase any of them, rather he prefers to gently move the stalks lest a flower be partially hidden and refusing to give up it’s bounty to the collectors. The bees are ever so grateful for his intervention and they bring small presents of honey drops that they leave on the stems for him to lick. Sometimes the globules get stuck all over his whiskers.

Button is in my etsy shop and is the first feline in there. Just as well he likes insects and is very reserved - he will get on with all my hares and rabbits and swans there!

Arabella and Wesley are looking forward to dinner!


  1. Oh, simply adorable! They are all gorgeous "real" and "imaginary real" alike :)

    I love the patterns you have used to create them and the placement design as well!


  2. Well I am in trouble now. All my bunnies are going to be jealous and want to eat off of the fancy china too. Your furries look marvelous, as do your creations.

  3. Fancy! we love it! Rabbits3 like to throw their salad bowls, not sure if they are ready for a classy act like yours. Perhaps they need to attend a bun finishing school.

  4. Such high class service you provide for your furries... and i must say the food looks tantalizing. My dogs love kale too :)

    I love the fabric you choose for your animal creations... the placement of the deer meadow worked out exceedingly well... Love the star fabric one too :)

  5. thank you Lily - the real ones say an extra thanks!

    Christina - don't mean to sound like such a snob but they have known nothing else! though they are very happy to eat of fleeces and clean towels!

    Diana my two will toss, pull, tug and throw as well. Arabella up-ends only occasionally and Wesley nudges to get more space - or more specifically - the tiny bit of space under his cabbage leaves!
    All buns are welcome to the Dragon House of Yuen Good Social Lagomorph Manners Introduction and Intermediate Combined Courses

    Nicole your dogs have good taste and the first I have heard of canines eating kale. It's a nice tasting plant though the purpley one is awfully bitter but my buns' favourite.

  6. What gorgeous pictures of your lovely bunnies eating in style.

    The wild ones near us come into the garden and eat our carrots and kale! But we don't mind because they are so cute and nice to watch bouncing around the lawn.

  7. Quite a spread there.... Charlie won't eat off any dish, he throws any thing that's not food off his eating table, Got room for one more in your beginner's class ?

  8. Forgot to mention that Charlie does like his greens arranged in separate groupings ( plantain, chicory, dandelion and red clover). He gets disturbed when they are served mixed together, so there's hope yet !

  9. Adorable photos of Arabella and Wesley and lovely new additions to your shop! I love the blue star fabric - stunning!

  10. Your new hares & cat are beautiful Annette! & if your ever short of kale for your bunnies - we have a whole bed-full in the garden at the moment ;-)


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