Saturday, 19 September 2009

Leverts 3

Leverets 3 all spoken for ~

Baby Hare Princesa (Spanish pronounciation)

Princesa loves the colour pink and she has the most beautiful pink eyes. She already knows all the flowers species that are pink and has planted a few of each kind in her garden. Princesa also has a keen eye when she is out and about and comes across many little attractive and interesting pink things that she puts inside her pink bag. However, even though she is surrounded by pinkness she is really a tomboy underneath and has no fear what-so-ever of scampering along a muddy log to reach a pink petal nor swimming the fast flowing river to retrieve a shiny pinky shell. Usually she has muddy paws every day when she turns in for the night. She prefers to perch princess-like on a shelf admiring her pink things and watching her flowers grow.

Dama and Quilla

Baby Hare Quilla
Quilla is a very talented young hare and has a true gift for movement. Quilla loves to visit the horses in the field every day and she dances and plays with them until the sun goes down. The horses have been teaching her about moving gracefully, and even though they are very big with large clumpy feet she has observed their flowing and elegant actions in all that they do. She has even tried to toss her head like them, though she has no mane to swish about! Quilla has been practicing these graceful motions with the horses and has learnt so many new ones just by watching them move! The horses make sure that they do not step on little Quilla accidentally when she is in the field flitting prettily around them, non-stop all day. When she grows up she wants to become the first hare ballet dancer in Swan Lake.
Quilla loves to practice her stretching on a shelf and she will spend many hours on these movements, pointing her long, long beautiful furry toes. She also loves to visit her horse friends every day.

Baby Hare Dama
Dama loves to study the sciences and he gets so much help from his friends the dragonflies, damselflies and wasps. They have taught him about biology – how their eggs are laid, how long it takes for the babies to hatch and how their wings are constructed. And about chemistry – the chemicals that the wasps have in their sting, and how it can paralyse small insects, the pheromones that damselflies release to attract their partners. And they have taught him so much about physics – how dragonflies can take off vertically, can fly backwards and why their wings can beat so fast per second. Dama just loves the insects, they are so small but so intelligent! He hopes to study science at the Winged Insect Institute for Extra Clever Mammals when he is older.

~ and all made for little children, though not tiny ones. Each hare is a reflection of the youngster it shall be living with.
Do you have a youngster or oldster in your family who needs their good points and unusual traits pointed out by a small lagomorph?


  1. Annette ~ these new friends are just lovely!

    Oh how I love reading their stories ~ each so individual and beautiful ~ this was lovely reading at the end of a long, tiring day :)

    Thank you
    Lily (and Sammy too :)

  2. It's nice to meet Princesa, Dama and Quilla! They are beautiful Annette. I love their alert looks, like they are soon off to new advetures.

    I hope you are enjoying autumn!


  3. These are soo funky! I love the little background to each one.


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