Sunday, 12 December 2010

3 Hearts

only 3 days left to the rescue rabbit raffle .....

and here are the 3 reasons why I support rescue rabbits and never ever spend a cent in shops that sell live animals, ever
- did I say ever?

!. Arabella! my sweet Princess, my heart of hearts

she endured a life of misery before the rescue took her in, and Zai chose her
Sleeping here with her toy baby bun

I'm so, so lucky to share my life with her and today for the first time in her life, and mine, she kissed me on the nose!! now that's rare!!

2. Wesley my darling fluff ball, still rather aggressive, still hesitant, but he kisses and licks me when I massage his back
here he is with his well licked and kissed toy doggie, just ready for a wash I see with all those spiky fur bits!

ever so handsome and with a fire burning deep inside him
he was found on an abandoned railway line covered in blood and urine! (can you see why he's a little aggressive??)

he has the fluffiest 'socks' I've ever seen! and about to give me another kiss (I Love kisses!!)
it's reciprocated ofcourse, he gets a wet forehead from my smooches!

3. Zai my first rescue rabbit. He had so many health problems due to breeders and pet shops selling rabbits too young to people who know nothing about them (and who had kids and were feeding him on CAT FOOD!!! unbelievable!)

I searched high and low for mother nature cures for Zai including finding all about apricot kernals which successfully destroy cancerous cells and give you back your health.
Without Zai I would never have been able to save my dad from cancer - he's healthy now! all thanks to apricot kernals and Zai!!

Zai loved to play with a sheet of paper - he would run around the house with the paper in his mouth, grasped like a leaf cutter ant! it was so funny! he never bumped into anything!!

I've written about Zai on his blog here, Sad to Happy Story

but I've not finished the story because it is very sad, and 5 years ago on New Years Eve, Zai took his last breath in my arms.
Christmas has never been the same

and that's my 3 reasons to support rescues - where ever they are in the world, what ever little critters they take in and care for - please, please support a rescue - with all your heart

this is Wesley's old rescue and it's a great raffle - only 3 days left - GOOD LUCK!


  1. What a wonderful post and I agree %200. These breeders and pet stores need to go out of business. I hate seeing the even the littlest creatures like Beta fish and Hermit crabs for sale. Millie says to tell Wesley she understands his behavior and wants him to know he is totally safe and never has to try and defend himself in his new home.

    If you have a chance I would love to hear a little more about the apricot kernals in an email.

  2. Your rabbits are so adorable...soft and cuddly and oh, so sweet! I have never purchased an animnal - oh, no, I have purchased fish and a hamster when my daughter was little, but all my other pets, dogs and cats, especially were rescued from the streets or from someone else who didn't want them anymore...I believe in helping those that are already alive and not support breeders.

    Have a good week!

  3. thank you Christina! I have passed on Millies words to Wesley!
    I've emailed you :)

    I agree with you too Doris, many thanks!!


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