Monday, 13 December 2010

One Kind

This is the second last full day to buy your raffle ticket - 13 absolutely great animal prizes to win!

Araballa wants to know .... do you have yours? ......

The draw will take place on the 16th at lunch time, so you will have all over-night the 15th to buy and into the morning of the 16th. Open worldwide ofcourse.

It will be drawn by Ross Minett from OneKind. Thank you Ross and OneKind!

Ross is the Science and Research Manager, Animal Sentience and Behaviour, and OneKind are an Edinburgh based
charity that are changing the way people perceive animals. 'Our intention is to create a movement of people who live an animal-friendly lifestyle as the mainstream; in the same way that green living and recycling or Fairtrade are now mainstream lifestyle choices for millions of people.
For this reason, traditional campaigning is no longer enough. If we really want to reconnect human kind and animal kind we need people to recognise that animals think and feel just like we do and this means the same love, joy, pain and fear. Only when each of us recognises this will the maltreatment of animals come to an end; creating a more compassionate world for our children and ourselves.'

I couldn't agree more!

Ross has a rescued dog called Paddy. I wonder if I shall be meeting Paddy?

Ofcourse no-one has to convince me that animals are sentient, fully feeling beings because I have read Amelia Kinkade's 2 books and attended one of her Animal Communication workshops - I know first hand that all living beings have feelings!

Here is Amelia in Thailand amongst the water buffalo.

and amongst the elephants! very touching, very special! can you feel the energy and love that this picture holds?

Here are some questions and answers from Amelia about animal sentience. I hope you find them interesting and encourage you to read her books, or better still, attend one of her courses.

and take heart - everyone can communicate, all it takes is practise and patience. Her books have all the instructions you will need to do so. (I am still learning!) She truly is an earth angel.

and just one more of Amelia and a furry friend! Thank you Amelia for teaching me so much!

OneKind have Christmas cards for sale featuring their own little tiger in the trees! Perhaps he has his eye on a robin further up?

I'm really looking forward to meeting Ross again and to post about the winners on the 16th as soon as I get home!

I was going to get Wesley to say thank you very much to everyone who has bought tickets, donated prizes, helped spread the word, supported their own rescues and kissed their furry ones today!

... but I see he has, er, dozed off ....

Many thanks!

Last minute tickets HERE


  1. I apologize for blogger and the typesetting! it sure has a mind of it's own :)

  2. We bought a ticket but werent sure if it was open to US peoples. Doesnt matter, I want my prize to be kissing Wesley on that sweet mouth.

  3. Have just read all your 'count down' posts Annette - so sweet. Very sad reading about Zai though =( Will need to read Amelia's books - perhaps I will take one away on holiday with me over Christmas... Have shared your posts on my Facebook page to hopefully help with those last minute ticket sales. Excited to learn who has won my tea towel (& also to see if I have won any of the other goodies!). Jx

  4. I think the email you sent got lost in the ether.

  5. Have mine!
    I would love to learn about animal communicating. Sounds truly facinating.
    Kisses to Wesley from Auntie Shell. I love that face!

  6. I'm absolutely going to check out Amelia's books! Communicating with animals is something I've been fascinated by my entire life. I'm finally starting school next month & will need to decide what type of career path to take. I've always known I wanted to do something with animals but still haven't figured out exactly what.

  7. Ross and Amelia have my dream jobs.


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