Sunday, 19 December 2010

the White stuff ....

today I received an email asking for my signature to stop the proposed go ahead of the UK's first planned inhumane 'mega dairy' where the cows will never go outside to walk on the earth or eat grass! (are cows now classed as 'living machines'??)

Well, I signed immediately, ofcourse! infact I have been following the progress of this very scary proposed farm in Lincolnshire for a while.

I don't drink milk.
I'm not a vegan because I still eat butter and cheese. But I haven't drank milk for years.
I stopped drinking it because the mother cow has to give birth to a calf every year to be able to produce all that milk. The calf is immediately taken away from her, some mothers cry for ages and never get over losing their babies. And all the male calves are immediately killed on birth and a few of them are put in veal crates for a short miserable life of hell and shipped off to Europe where they have slacker laws than the UK about animal welfare.

So, because I drink masses of cups of tea every day and I really need my tea, I switched to soya milk. I drink Sainsbury's basic brand unsweetened soya. It's the cheapest on the market and I love it. My tea tastes just great and I use soya in the place of milk for absolutely everything, including my haphazard attempts at baking and cooking.

I can't alleviate my guilt about eating cheese and butter. I don't eat cheese very often and only a particular type when I do.
Though I know the milk to make the cheese is the same - from the cows. And the only butter I ever use is Anchor organic salted. I just can't eat margarine. But I can do something about my milk consumption as it is far, far greater than the butter and cheese combined.

I don't want this factory farm to go ahead so I signed the petition. I don't judge anyone else in their eating habits, but I'm happy with the choices I have made and the reasons why I made them. And by making this small change I know I have made a big impact on the dairy industry.

I love cows, they have the most gentle faces and beautiful big expressive eyes. For every piece of cheese and butter I eat I give thanks.

This is the petition Here.


  1. My sentiments exactly, with the one exception I LOVE yogurt, but I have my own yogurt maker and want to try making it out of soy milk. I love chocolate Silk for a quick sweet fix.

    But, if I could never eat eggs and dairy again, I'd be ok with it - I love veggies and putting our animals through such agony is a sin and it will not go unpunished - we are living proof already!

    Thank you for this enlightening post!

  2. I tried signing the petition but when I put in my zip code, it said it's invalid, probably because I live in the USA.

  3. I gave up milk several years ago, and only use Almond milk. Cow's milk is for calves!
    What a shame that in this day and age, instead of going to smaller sustainable farms, there are still those that want factory farms, which are a disgrace.
    good luck with the petition,but I'm afraid people want to turn a blind eye to the suffering of other sentient beings..

  4. i didn't know that facts about the babies being taken away or killed at birth... you've given me cause to think about my dairy consumption. i drink milk from a local farm where the cows are not treated with hormones and there are no pesticides used. i've seen the farm and thought it looked like a nice place to live but i quess there's more than that to think about. thanks annette...

  5. I didnt know this. I dont drink milk but I do eat butter and cheese. Is there know other way to get milk than this? Is it a result of mass production?

  6. I don't drink milk either and use only organic cheese and butter. I hate the idea of the giant dairy and have signed the petition too

  7. thanks Doris, maybe the petition is only for UK

    your yoghurt sounds interesting, I am sure you can make dairy free

    thanks Betty - there are people standing up though, I am one of them :)

    at least you have a very good choice where to get your dairy products from Pat, and that speaks volumes

    I think this is the only way Christina - a lactating mother, like goat's milk as well, that's why I don't use goats milk products now - a baby born just to make milk

    many thanks Juliet

  8. Thanks for a loely post. I really like cows too. I used to work on a farm with 18 milking cows and I think they had a good life, as all cows deserv to have. They are kind and clever animals that gives us soo much!

  9. I had no idea that there was no factory farming, at least for dairy, in the UK! That's fantastic!!! I hope enough people get on that petition that the farm and the government must take notice, and the UK remains the only compassionate nation in the western world. I would sign it if I could.

    I don't drink milk, I stopped a long time ago because of stomach problems, but I do still eat (very little) butter and cheese is my addiction. I've been a vegetarian since I was 12, but I'm ashamed to admit that I always just kind of though cows had this weird ability to lactate, after all, you always hear about how they need to be milked regularly or they become uncomfortable. Only within the past year did I learn the ugly truth, so I've been trying to cut down on my cheese intake as much as I can. It's basically my favorite food, and it's a good protein source for a vegetarian who isn't as good as she should be about proper nutrition.

    I always said, when I became a vegetarian, that it shouldn't have to be a massive sacrifice or life change, it was just right for me.

    On another note, I read somewhere that we are the only animal that drinks another species' milk. Really very weird when you think about it. And that the reason that so many people, particularly Americans, become lactose intolerant, is because it's unnatural and our bodies aren't made to digest milk after early childhood. All very interesting.

    Anyway, stay strong UK!! We support you!

  10. Oh, Annette, Food for thought !
    I did not know that, thanks for this enlightening post, tried signing the petition and had the same problem with the postal code, too bad !
    I wholeheartedly support this and I don't drink milk but I do have a bit of cheese and butter now and again.

  11. Eline that is a good life for the cows!

    Lisa I think America has a particularly bad record for animal abuse in big industry. I am hoping the UK will not follow suit.
    It's all about getting the word out.
    And your last point is so true.

    Thanks Pey for your support.

    I know the big industries keep so much animal abuse hidden from consumers eyes - otherwise we would all be strict vegans! - by choice!
    I have read excerpts from the book by Jonathan Safran Foer on Eating Animals - and it is shocking but it's the truth.

  12. Already signed Annette, & really hoping it doesn't go ahead here in the UK. Although vegetarian rather than vegan, I do try & choose local, organic & free range animal products (milk, eggs, butter, cheese, yoghurt) whenever possible in the hope that these labels mean the animals are treated more humanely & lead more natural lives. I think too many people in this day & age do not even consider where these dairy & egg products come from, particularly when they are disguised in the many processed foods on the market...

  13. thanks Jane!

    I believe that if everyone became more aware and made a change where they could then things would be so much better.
    And I agree with all your points!


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