Saturday, 11 December 2010

4 hundred shadows ....

4 days left to buy a ticket ...... gotta be in it to win it ......

Today I was at Aberlady bay on the East coast of Scotland, 20 miles from Edinburgh.

There I saw not 4 but 400 Fieldfares!!

Fieldfares are very attractive birds from the thrush family, one of my favourite birds and this is a watercolour shadow box I made not that long ago.

I say 400 of them, but, actually I estimated there were at least 300. I counted a cluster of 10 as they flew around in their roosting flocks then judged the flock sizes. There were about 3 flocks flitting from tree top to tree top until they all flew off to bushes inland on the golf course.

It was very magical and there were lots of shadows in the long low winter sun.

My 4 shadow boxes didn't make it into the Christmas exhibition so they will be going into my etsy shop. This is the last one I made, the Loving Hares,

it started off with pencil sketches of 4 hares on 'recycled' watercolours I no longer wanted

I drew them on freely, ripped the paper edges

and looked at them for a while, as they sat in the sky like shadows, before I added some watercolour to them

however, as in all things in life, plan as you may, but you will find that sometimes events take their own course, and my hares turned from 4 to 2

I was not happy with the darker ones, so they just had to go!

but I was happy with the alert watcher, above, standing watch over her heart's desire

her partner, relaxing so nonchalantly with legs stretched out,

so the loving Hares took shape and form as I added a scrap of selvedge with number 1 on it,
they may each be single hares but together they are one

I used to paint in detail but now I'm happy to use less strokes and I've received more in return
I rather like her!

happily together, the gold heart unites them.

from 4 hundred fieldfare shadows to 4 shadow boxes, ready for my etsy shop,
hmmmm, will they be flying away?

and talking of fleeting chances - have you got your ticket yet?
there are fantastic prizes in the rescue rabbit draw to win and the chances are pretty good (much better than the lottery!)


  1. Your hares are beautiful. It's amazing how you capture them so well in just a few colours/stroke.

    I dug an unopened box of watercolours out of my cupboard a couple of day ago to have a go with. I'm more at the splodges and why has my paper gone all wrinkly stage but they are fun to play around with, lol.

  2. your shadow box creations are just delightful!!!

  3. Thanks Tamsin!
    paper will go wrinkly if it gets too wet, so I always paint on pads that are gummed around the edge, and when I did these little ones above I wasn't using enough water to make them wrinkle - but, yes, wrinkles are a problem! (I won;t mention splodges :)

    Thanks for your comment and stopping by Jean!


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