Friday, 10 December 2010

High Five!

5 Days left to buy a raffle ticket and have the chance of winning an original work of art from one of 11 generous artists!

and now 5 photos to celebrate the rescue rabbits and guinea pigs at the Rabbit and Guinea Pig Welfare rescue in Rugby, England!

1. Edinburgh Castle this Tuesday covered in snow and ice.
The castle is in the centre of the city and the so very impressive to view. It looms proudly above every building in the city.

2. This is the south west side of the castle and still in use today by the Army as a barracks. The best thing about Edinburgh? - the castle!

3. A page from one of my scrap books.
A collection of royal blue images

4. Wolves from a Scandinavian comic, jewels from a magazine, horses from a brand brochure

5. and a Queen for the castle!

This is Queen Rania of Jordan. Arguably the most beautiful queen alive, (well I think so!) and not just a pretty face but an outstanding figure of integrity, intelligence and resolve with her empowering and educating of women and children not only in her country, Jordan, but globally.

I've never done a 'high five' actually. I never came across them in Australia or Scotland and only ever saw them in movies or sitcoms from the US. Perhaps the Aussie / British equivalent is am understated 'pat on the back'!

Infact now that I think about it, I did see a real life high five! It was done by Amelia Kinkade the world famous animal communicator when I attended her one day workshop in Scotland in 2004. Someone in the class picked up exactly what the furry animal guest said correctly and Amelia gave her a jubilant high 5!Now that was interesting!

Tickets HERE - and a High 5 for good luck!


  1. lucky you, snow and a castle!
    My son spent a year at King's Academy in Jordan (a co-ed prep school started by Queen Rania's husband) and we were fortunate enough to go visit him. Jordan is a wonderful country, the people are so friendly and the landscape so diverse. I would go back in a second.

  2. thanks for stopping by Abby!
    yes Jordan is a forward thinking country with a passionate Queen and King! the world can learn alot from them :)
    - I have yet to visit - maybe one day!

  3. I have tweeted the raffle a few times and hope more people buy tickets. Great to see your scrap books! ...and snow at the castle too.

    Hope you have a great weekend Annette.


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