Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Baby Hare Ekaterina kindly requests...

that you consider voting for her in the Etsy Storque baby Voting Round.

She was really happy to see Wesley in the last Storque voting round - and she is hoping to maybe garner a few more votes than him!

Being so cutesy, smaller, pinkier... and with the sweetest albino eyes ever!
(Here she is with Natashenka, one of her friends).

But I told her that it is not about the numbers at all - it is all about the love she receives...
...and so she looked at me funnily with her big, big eyes - and asked - how could she count the love?

and I said that she would feel the warm waves of love come her way.
Ekaterina thought that this was a lovely answer and sent some warm waves towards me to test it first!

She wants everyone to know that she will return your voting kindness with some love (and small baby hare kisses xxx).


  1. Miss Eve, Neville and I voted for your little Ekaterina ... lagomorphs rule!!

  2. I've cast my vote for Ekaterina. =OD

  3. Tell her I want my kisses pronto. :p

  4. I voted for Ekaterina - she is beautiful! I love that name - I wish my name was spelled like that :)!

  5. What a beauty's those bleu bunny's :)
    Its Lovely and friendly and makes my day good:)

  6. Thank you Gabriella, Miss Eve and Neville - lagomorphs do indeed rule (they rule my roost anyway!)

    Maureen thanks - the kisses were sent - hope you have received them by now :)

    Thanks Diana and The Spots! your support has been acknowledged by small waves of love ~ ~ ~

    Katie, you are welcome! or shall I say Ekaterina?
    (we can all become whom we want to be..)

    Thank you Anya, I love the colour and pattern too, one of my favourites!

    Thanks furrybutts, sending the waves.. ~ ~ ~

  7. Got you 4 votes in total..... good luck sweetie, Charlie sends love!

  8. thank you so much Pey - Ekaterina is getting Very excited now!! sending waves and waves of love ~ ~ ~ ~

  9. Adorable. Pop over & read about our vintage feedsack fabrics that quilters use now, in yore.
    Highly collectable & quilters clamor for them.
    TTFN ~ Marydon

  10. I voted for lovely Ekaterina!!!

  11. very nice feedsacks, gorgeous patterns Marydon, thanks for letting me know!

    thank you Heidi - Ekaterina has the waves going now!

    hmmmm - I'm not into texting or the new lingo and it took me about 6 months to realise what BTW meant - so I have another one to decode - TTFN

    (wonder how I will find that one out)

  12. I voted! I'm in love with the fabric...those little deer as so cute!

  13. Thank you Heather! I love the fabric too, just so cute (nearly as cute as Ekaterina..!)


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