Saturday, 23 May 2009

Non-Fur Babies - 1 of each

To celebrate the arrival of 2 non-fur babies I made a special card and 2 baby hares, Zak and Avabella (one of each kind).

The baby hares on the Congratulations card both have diapers on, one blue and one pink , each with a safety pin and a dummy (toot, pacifier, noise-dissipator).
As there is one of each kind and after a month of intensive new baby upbringing I have made Zac the pink baby hare and Avabella the blue one, as no doubt the boy will by now be wearing pink and the girl will probably be in blues and yellows..... (there will be missing socks, tights that have become knotted in the wash, hats that have turned into nothing more than nose warmers..)
Please meet baby hare Zak. Zak is an unusual hare in that he has one bright blue eye bigger than the other. His mother told him not to worry about this and said that his big eye can be used for far distance observations. Zak is very proud of this and spends a lot of time looking into the distance. He is very surprised just how much activity goes on there and has his sights set on becoming an animal spotter for conservation organizations worldwide. He has not let the fact that his coat is a light pink put him off as it compliments his eyes perfectly.
He prefers to watch everything that is going on and would love to sit on a shelf with a view to outside. He also has his book on Worldwide Mammal, Reptile and Aavian Identification with him. Zak is looking forward to spending his life happily with non-fur baby Isaac.
Please meet baby hare Avabella. Avabella is a very shy little hare and she just loves to play amongst the grasses and leaves by herself. She has dreams of having her own wildlife garden filled with plants and weeds of every sort. She also loves the colour blue and will have a small stream running through filled with fish, frogs, eels and dragonflies. Avabella has already started to prepare for her dream garden and has been collecting small seedlings and clippings from her playtime which she pots up at home. They are all growing well.
She prefers to play in the grasses every day and will appreciate an open door to the garden, she would also like her little potting collection placed around her on a shelf. Avabella is looking forward to spending her life happily with non-fur baby Ava.
Remember to read the post below - and if you are in the UK and can give a fine lady a forever home, or know of someone who can, please contact Little Hen Rescue asap.


  1. Very lovely and beautiful design :)
    Avabella is soooooooo sweet !!

    Have a nice weekend !!

  2. Cute card and Zak and Avabella are beautiful.

  3. What lucky babies, Ava and Isaac and please to meet you, Avabella and Zak!

  4. Anya you are welcome! thank you

    Thanks Lynn,

    thank you Pey! I wrote their stories according to their Chinese animal year of birth.

  5. Beautiful! I love your bunnies. I gave my mom Sasha and she is still in transports of delight :)
    Thank you for your comments on my blog, they are wonderful :)
    Hope you have a great week!

  6. Zak and Avabella are both beautiful! I like the fuzzy edges on Zak's coat, and that border print looks so lovely on Avabella. And the card is perfect.

    Congratulations to the lucky babies!

  7. I just love your stories. You have a wonderful imagination.

  8. ah ha Meghann - Sasha will be happy!

    thanks Katie! the fuzzy edges could have saliva on them now :)

    Maureen, thank you! I have no idea where it all comes from - the fountain is ever-flowing!

  9. They're adorable!! And I love the little diapers on the card, complete with safety pin LOL, too cute!!

  10. thank you furry - glad to see that Hans is better :)

  11. Beautiful designs--these little ones are just adorable :)

  12. thank you kindly PurrPrints - I know you are a cat lover - hoping your kitties are not looking over your shoulder as you type?

  13. Annette, Your blogs are always an escape from the ordinary into a world of delight. Thank you.


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