Saturday, 9 May 2009

The Secret Licker Reminder

Arabella doesn't like to have her photo taken even though she is very photogenic (unlike me).

So, when I catch her unawares I usually end up missing 'the moment' but the 'after the moment' can sometimes be just as good. Especially since all the 'moments' are rather funnyish. I know that Arabella knows that I know this, and that is most probably why she doesn't like to be photographed doing her funnyish things. Rabbits are very dignified beings.

When Arabella first came to live with us we gave her her first toy, a small kitten (baby rabbit). It had rather long fishing line plastic whiskers. Arabella thought these were great and she would grab and toss the toy around with them (obviously Arabella is not very maternal!). Not long after that they were promptly snipped off at different lengths.

The little toy usually spends a lot of time by itself, and it seems rather happy amidst the curly kale and turnip chunks and occasional droppings.

However, the other week as I sat at my desk working I glanced over to see Arabella sitting beside the little no-name bunny and she was grooming it vigorously!

I grabbed my camera - But - they both ran over to see why I was crawling towards them on the carpet!

Anyway - the Secret Licker would like to remind you to kindly vote for her little friend Baby Hare Ekaterina (who has no whiskers), you will receive lots of small hare kisses for this
last day to enter the Free Giveaway to Win one of my Grey Hare Cards over at Nathalie's blog. Worldwide shipping so it doesn't matter if you are from Spitzbergen or Easter Island - the card will reach you.

Here is Arabella when she first came home with us. As you can see no-name is exhausted too, after being thrown around all day.


  1. Wow !!
    Arabella you are a BEAUTY:)
    nice shots, lovely story !!

  2. oh my gosh she is so pretty!!! :)

  3. Arabella looks pretty big. How much does she weigh?

  4. Charlie only sleeps on his side in the summer, does Arabella sleep like that always?

  5. That was a good story, can I have it just before bed too? thanks for your comments on my tiger, 'preciated.

  6. Hi Pey,
    Arabella sleeps on her side nearly every day! and when she flops she is rather 'unco-ordinated' and tends to land on her back with her legs flaying in the air until she can settle down on a side (any side depending on her flop!!).

    Thanks Diana! am I getting better at story telling??
    (you could always look at all my baby hare lsitings on etsy for bedtime reading!)

  7. oops forgot a few comments there!

    Anya - Arabella says thank you :)

    and Jen, thank you also!

    and Maureen - Arabella wants you to know that it was merely the camera angle!
    she is a medium to small sized svelte little vixen!

  8. Arabella is looking gorgeous as always :)

    P.S. I won the giveaway! Now I have to decide how hard I want to make you work :)

  9. Congratulations Katie!!!

    it will be my absolute pleasure to work for hours on your card :)
    I already have lots and lots and lots of grey hares cut out, all I need now is the truth (!!)

    and thank you kindly to everyone who voted for Ekaterina - she came 7th!!!

  10. that is the most adorable!...your bunny cleaning the toy. eee! lovely story and cutest pictures!

  11. I am thinking that Baby Hare Ekaterina should have come in higher than 7th! She is so cute. We voted for her 3 times with our three shops....

    Arabella is much like Fred the cat re: posing.

  12. thank you Heather! - it really was so cute to watch! the toy was moving back and forth!

    Pricilla - thank you so much! my favourite goat!! and Patty too!
    we were a bit worried with all that pink baby stuff (babies) there!

  13. Aww, how cute that Arabella secretly grooms her little toy bunny. None of my buns care for the soft toys I gave them..

  14. yes furry - I was surprised and delighted when I saw her! at first I thought she was grooming her hindquarters and then I spotted the little one!


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