Friday, 15 May 2009

When the Snack is Bigger than the Snacker

Priceless is getting nervous about The Storque Teacher's Pet Voting round.

He always thought 'pet' meant 'cute fluffy animal' - so he is wondering why he is still way below the inanimate objects - such as the apples and the chocolate.

He just wants to show everyone what he will do to those inanimate objects when he gets close enough to sink his tiny but long and sharp incisors into them.

Here he is helping Arabella to devour a tasty snack nearly twice her size and, oh, about 50 times bigger than Priceless.

and Wesley wants to give Priceless some chomping practise too.
(mind you, after devouring 2/50ths of Arabella's greens Priceless is rather full and a little, .....yawn!.... oohhh ....nummmm, numm...... sleepy!)

Don't forget to vote for the cutesy fluffy lagomorph, help spread the word :)
and remember 50% is pledged to the horse rescue Epic Farms.
Priceless says thanssszzzzzzzzz ..zzzz...


  1. Oh my gosh those photos are so great! Go Priceless!

  2. Precious pics. TY for sharing ... that will put a smile on anyone's face.

    TTFN ~ Marydon

  3. Wow !!
    What a sweeties today on your site :)
    Its always nice to look here,
    on your beautiful site !!
    Its always so friendly ;)
    You make my day (@^.^@)

  4. Great pics, the last one with Wesley is particularly dramatic. And arabela is lovely as always. We voted! The Horse Rescue looks like a wonderful place, thanks for supporting them.

  5. Those pics are--wait for it...

    priceless. =OD

  6. thanks Meghann!

    thank you Marydon! always lots of smiles here :)

    Anya, you are most welcome!

    Thanks for voting Diana, it's greatly appreciated.

    Maureen - every smile is priceless :)

  7. Those photos are really wonderful - I love how Priceless appeared with Wesley. I voted for Wesley, of course - he's much better than apples or chocolate!

  8. Great photos of the kids and Priceless with the cabbage leaves. And we voted for Priceless, of course.

  9. thanks Katie! I'll have rabbits over chocolate any day!

    Lynn - thank you! it's always exciting at breakfast time here!


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