Thursday, 28 May 2009

A Mother's Love

I just finished a commission for a giraffe painting.

It was commissioned by a good friend for her daughter's birthday. Her daughter is a few years younger than me, but we won't go into numbers here! We grew up in Zambia together.

I had only 6 days to produce a painting but I knew within 24hours if it was 'going to happen' or not. My first few sketches were eye openers! I know giraffes are majestic animals but very angular and many of their stances translate rather awkwardly to paper. The recylcle bin was getting full !!

So desperately I scoured thru my scrap books and finally at 4am I found just the right image! A mother gently touching her calf's muzzle.

(My scrap books are large A3 pads that have images from mags, adverts, old packaging labels, stamps etc pasted into them - not a single family photo in them unlike the scrapbooks of recent that are so popular). I have had these scrap collections for over 30 years (let's not talk about any more numbers!!)

As with all my recent watercolours I try to snap the progress and update my fine art website with the developments. Hopefully this will enlighten the owner of the work and offer some inspiration for other artists aswell. I explain in detail what is happening. The pic above has just had the under-coat colourations put on, as nothing is ever 'black and white' in the world of animals.

Here is the painting on my work table nearly completed - the calf and mother both need their manes, and the baby needs the fly-swisher.
Usually I work in a constant state of chaos. My paint pallettes haven't been cleaned for months and I have at least 3 'projects' developing, ...over time.... , on my table.
This is the completed painting. It will be on my fine art website soon. I am busily painting some hares for an exhibition I am taking part in next week The 3 Harbours just East of Edinburgh.

I want to remind any people living in the UK who stop by here that The Little Hen Rescue is looking to secure forever homes for thousands of soon to be ex battery hens. Can you help? Please see my post below, thank you.


  1. Breathtaking!! That is absolutely wonderful. What a joy the recipient will have ... TTFN ~ Marydon

  2. Simply beautiful watercolour!!
    Love the shot of your work table, it's much neater than mine!!

  3. That is just a wonderful piece. I absolutely love it.

  4. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful

  5. And I'm glad to say that I'm happy to see someone else works on a desk whose top hasn't been seen for the last 4 months.
    I have all my images crammed into file folders. The scrapbook thing is a better idea. I'll have to put that on my To Do list......might get to it by 2011. :)

  6. Thanks for sharing a work in progress. Just beautiful.

  7. Oh! terrifically good! Eager to see your hares. How do work desks get so crowded? I wish mine would clean itself up.

  8. Wow !!
    Its a very Beautiful painting !!!
    You are very talented,
    its fantastic :)
    My compliments !!

  9. This is lovely! I really enjoyed seeing the progress photos - and I am envious of your watercolor technique - I tend to overwork watercolors.

    My work table gets just like that when I'm painting - even if it starts off clean. And we won't even talk about my sewing - those projects tend to get all over the entire room.

    I also like the scrapbook idea - I have collected a lot of ephemera that I like, but it's in (very full) boxes.

    P.S. you're on my blog today!

  10. My gosh! thank you very much for all the lovely comments!

    I will post some pics of my 'scraps'.
    Before I discovered etsy and the world of treasury making I was already doing it with my scrap collection! - when I post some pics you may see what I mean (and in true dragonhouseofyuen treasury style some of the pages tell a story!)

    thanks Katie! I have left a comment and I shall be posting about the wonderful fabrics I got from you, soon!

  11. Wow, that painting is absolutely beautiful! I wish I could paint like you :)

  12. well furry - everyone has their own special style - that has to be nutured and cherished - finding it is the hard part!
    My best treat is collecting other artist's works.


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