Sunday, 3 May 2009

Show Some LOVE - 18 Hours and Counting

Wesley wants to say Thank You to all the warm hearted and generous peoples who have so kindly voted for him (his likeness as a bag), in the Storque Voting Round

He asked that I put the picture here of what 'his' bag looks like. (He also calls this bag a BunMan Bag - for those men whose ego is stable enough to carry a real bag).

There are 18 hours left to vote - and Wesley would appreciate any last minute switherers or those who keep putting off tomorrow what they can do next week - but should instead be doing today - voters.

....and because he has a big heart - he would LOVE your index digit to touch it gently.
Wesley sends small furry-mouthed thank you rabbit kisses xxx
and ps - only a few days left to Win a Grey Hare Birthday Card


  1. I voted for Wesley, of course! Wishing him the best of luck.

  2. Darn, I missed it. :-/ But tell Wesley he still gets my vote anyway. =OD

  3. Thank you Katie - Wesley was delighted to be in the Storque article - spreading the word for his rescue and small white albino lops everywhere!

    Thank you Maureen - he sends a soft kiss!


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