Tuesday, 12 October 2010

call out for Kittens

Mother cats seem to know instinctively where safe homes are for their kittens.

A few weeks ago a slender stray mother-to-be chose Victoria's home as the birth place for her small litter of 3 kittens.
She gave birth in the safe backyard but Victoria moved the family inside and out of any danger.

Victoria named the mother Bootsy and her kittens are just opening their eyes now.
I wrote an article on the Artisans Gallery team blog about artists and their unofficial studio managers and you can read more about Bootsy there.

Victoria will be looking for suitable homes for the babies when they are ready to go out into the world.
If you know anyone who may be interested in adding a beautiful friend to their family then please stop by Victoria's blog to contact her.

The babies are safe and snug in their tabby cat bed and mama Bootsy has managed to put on some weight. Victoria is kindly giving Bootsy a forever home, and also a job as her Arts Manager.

When I lived in Australia I bought my cat loving mother a book called Why Cats Paint. It was filled with amazing pictures of very talented cats dabbling away at their creations.

After studying each picture and reading about the character of each cat I was filled with joy that it is not only the human that enjoys creating visual art, but also elephants, horses and now cats!
Did you know about the Museum of Non Primate Art? MONPA - fascinating!

I think that perhaps one day Bootsy may take up the brush, or should I say, paw, next to Victoria.

Thanks for helping to get the kitten word out to your cat-loving friends.


  1. I saw that book- Why Cats Paint- it was incredibly fascinating and interesting to me. I plain forgot about it until now :)

  2. They are so precious. I hope those babies find wonderful forever homes.

  3. Annette, thanks so much for helping to find the kittens a good home. They are just beginning to play with each other and show distinct personalities. Mama Bootsy is a good mom, but tired.

    She would love to help me paint... but says she's allergic to the fumes. ;)

  4. it's a great book Nicole!

    indeed they are precious Christina!

    Victoria perhaps it would Bootsy's acrylic to your oils?

  5. YAY KITTIES!!! How exciting. I would love a kitten but Jon says we have no vacancy at my place.

    I was a crazy cat lady before I was a crazy bun lady!

  6. They are just precious, thank you for fostering them until they find a new home :) The Mama chose a good place to have the babies!

  7. Thank you to Victoria for rescuing Bootsy & her babies. I really hope they all find loving homes. Jx

  8. heh heh Lisa!!

    she did indeed Michele!

    I am sure they will Jane


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