Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Mark the Middle - 15 December

On December 15 the raffle winners will be drawn for both raffles!! I will be announcing the winners for the RNGP raffle I am holding and Herta will be announcing the winners for the Buckeye HRS raffle on their website.

The good thing about taking part in a raffle is that the decision making is taken out of it. You buy your ticket and wait in anticipation for the winner of each prize to be announced. Last year I had someone else pick the winners from the Golden Carp Trinket Box and this year I am not sure who will be doing it. Perhaps I will have two small furry helpers .....

Arabella and Wesley have done raffle draws for me before but there was much umbrage during the process and I'm not sure we can go thru with that again. Treats or no treats!

I shall have to have a think about this. Lots more prizes means more chances!

This year I am delighted that Eline is taking part with her donation of a Doggy Bag!
Now aren't those daschunds just the cutest ever with their outdoor coats and hats on?

Eline says the bag is a Swedish (BorĂ¥s) design, and the dogs just make her happy, (me too!).

She has made a simple tote bag with handles so you can carry it in hand or on your shoulder. She has done very little else than shaping the bag, not to fuss up the fabric. The fabric is vinyl coated, so you don't have to go out of the way for showers! Even the dogs don't have to worry about the rain!!

It is 14.5" / 37 cm and the handles are 11" / 27 cm long. The top opening is 13.5" / 34 cm wide and it can be washed on the cold cycle in the machine with no spin dry. Nice an environmentally friendly too!!

and this year Carly has again donated an original piece of artwork! It has the most adorable gentle hare looking over her shoulder.

Carly says it is an original collage on a 12"x24" primed canvas. Various torn papers are used to create visual interest while the animal has been sketched with charcoal, graphite, and chalk. Design elements from the papers have been incorporated into the drawing as well as the animal form, allowing the rabbit to blend into the image while yet remain a focal point.

This piece is finished and ready to hang (Eyelets with wire are secured to the back), sides are painted black, to create unity within the work. Two layers UV protective coating have been applied to help protect the integrity of this piece. Although, it is still recommended that work not be hung in direct sunlight.

I love the colours and the smooth lines of this artwork. A very gorgeous piece indeed!

I have been fascinated with hares and rabbits my whole life. They live on every continent except Antarctica.
They have fascinated people thru the centuries and for thousands of years have been part of myths and folklore.

The very first mother hare I made was Mother Hare Freya. Here she is at the front with my own mother hare Gold.
I know my squirrels have been very popular but I thought that a mother hare would be right present for a raffle that benefits rabbits.

and so I chose Mother Hare Fortuna to go into the Buckeye HRS raffle to support Pey's Harvest painting.
I hope my hares bring with them good fortune and intention.

So, lots of wonderful prizes for these two raffles! - links on right of blog- more details to be announced in the next posts and many, many furry beating hearts that will be truly grateful for your support. Carrots for all ! yumeee!


  1. Love all these fabulous prizes!! I just got my tickets! :)
    xx, shell


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