Sunday, 31 October 2010

A Royal Flush

I often hold a Royal Flush in my hand - one could say it's the luck of the draw, but I reckon being lucky is a mind thing.

and as all house rabbit parents will know, no matter what cards you hold in your hand or in your life - with your rabbits around you will always have a Royal Flush with your furry little Ace, King and Queen ruling the household!

This Christmas these tiny little Aces will be adorning trees around the world, looking for the apple in the stocking that's always there but never gets eaten. Only this time it will be eaten, but in tiny chunks.

If you are looking for some luck you will find it in the two books by Rhonda Byrne - The Secret and The Power.

Read The Secret first then to apply lady luck read The Power. One really is not complete without the other.

It didn't work for Samantha in Sex and the City the movie, but then again Samantha had everything she wanted, she just didn't know it. But for those who don't yet have the beach condo in Malibu or the reserved first class LA-NY return ticket you will find that these two books will empower you towards your own Royal Flush.

And the most wondrous thing of all is that they are jam packed with superb quotes from notable figures throughout history. So even if the message is lost on you in the first reading, the brilliant quotes certainly won't be.

Like to empower yourself a little bit more?
I have a well thumbed copy of Anthony Robbins 'Awaken The Giant Within'. It's all about positive thinking and everyone could probably do with more of this in their lives. Except ofcourse Charlotte - everything is always perfect for her (well nearly if only Rose would stop crying!)
I got the book in the early '90s because I didn't have a grand ($1000 AUSD) to attend his seminar when he came to Sydeny, but the book was an affordable good read. Plus - it all came flooding back to me when I saw him in Shallow Hal with Gwyneth Paltrow and Jack Black.

So it seems the winning flush is not actually in the hand after all, but in the mind.
But, er, here the tiny flushes are doing just nicely in your table centrepiece!

And if you do as The Power suggests you will indeed envisage your Royal Flush in your hand.

and you could use a little of that power to manifest the prize you desire the most, in the rescue rabbit raffles I am in
Prizes here
Tickets for Buckeye here and RNGP here

and Good Luck here


  1. oh these are wonderful little ornaments...we have a royal flush in our house of furry hearts indeed:D Happy Holidys to you.

  2. These are adorable! I was thinking of you the other day because an area shop had 4 bunnies in cages, two of which just had babies. I didn't think that was an appropriate place to be breeding and selling rabbits, and informed them so quite loudly. But then I discovered they were found running loose on a street and their person didn't care because he had too many! So the shop owners took them in and are trying to find them homes. How awful but then how nice - people can be kinder than I give them credit for sometimes.

  3. Hi,

    Love the ornaments and the fabric there done in, reminds me of colonial times in the US. I want you to know I shared your blog in my FB, for my favorite of the week.

    Catch you later,

  4. Mandy that is so nice :)

    Lisa glad you like the fabric! I have no more blue or black but I do have grape and red. I think the simplicity of the white with the pattern is appealing.

    thank you Rose :)

    Karen they could be the exception to the rule! well done to them. I too would have spoken up actually. For too long I have said nothing and now I'm at the age where I will speak up. Though I don't put a foot in pet shops as I'm lucky to get all my rabbits' supplies from horse feed stores where no live animals are sold for a profit.
    Let's hope the shop finds them truly loving forever homes.

  5. thank you very much DJ! kindly appreciated :)

  6. Beautiful blog, love all your creations, this little ones are so cute.

  7. thank you Ale! and thanks for stopping by :)


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