Wednesday, 20 October 2010


the day I met Arabella will always remain strongly in my mind. She was chosen by my first rescue rabbit Zai when he licked her on the nose. I had never seen a more mesmerising rabbit and she won all our hearts on the spot.

She is such a pretty doe and is so good natured. Not that I mind if she causes more destruction than she has done, I'm used to rabbit interior decorating and especially like the unique touches.
But Arabella is a very private rabbit, she hasn't undertaken too many projects at home and likes to work alone. So I usually discover the changes later in the day when she is deep asleep in her den (her fleece lined heated room under the corner table).
The biggest project she has worked on over the years is the shredding of the curtain bottoms. They have been reinforced a couple of times as they become thread bare and 'rabbit-eaten' - like moth eaten only with bigger holes.
A few times I've had to fish Arabella out from a larger hole as she had chewed her way in and couldn't get out and there are the times when she is no-where to be seen but there is a discernible lump at the curtain base! (busily working away).

By the way - she wants to know if you have your ticket for the raffle(s) yet?
Read the posts below this one to see all the prizes you can win including these 3 here -

This is Lola, Jen's rabbit! and is in the set of 4 greeting cards you could win!

This photo was taken when Lola was a baby. Now she doesn't even fit in that tiny little house!
It will be one of 4 rabbit greeting cards and is a 4x6 photograph mounted to a 5x7 blank, luxurious white card with a matching envelope. They are professionally printed on Kodak Endura Paper, Luster Finish.

I own some of Jen's greeting cards, of her fawn, and these are exceptional quality that are suitable for framing, and keeping! Some greeting cards are hard to part with, and you may find that with these ones!

This is The Protector by Alison of a crow safely holding a rabbit and Alison says that "Friends are there to fold you in their arms when you fall"
What better way to celebrate true friendship than a touching painting! Some one is going to be very lucky!

It is an original watercolour 8 x 10 inches, on 100% cotton rag hot pressed paper by Saunders Waterford 90lbs

And the last raffle prize of the 17 total prizes in the 2 Winter raffles being held is Mother Hare Ermine.

Her story is here, and she was made by me with Arabella and Wesley watching and approving. Arabella gets to say goodbye to all my soft sculptures when I wrap them up so she shall be giving Ermine some advice about curtains I'm sure.

She will come with a small tag telling her story as well as a little package of surprise extras for the lucky winner! Now isn't that a nice incentive to spend a pound or dollar? And even cheaper than a cup of coffee!

Wesley wants to thank you for helping the rescue rabbits - he should know - he was one for about a year!
and even though the rabbits in the rescues are safe from harm and have a full belly and a warm bed they still need that space in their hearts filled.

Until they see that day, I want to thank all the very generous artists taking part in the raffle I am holding to raise funds for Wesley's old rescue. It could not have been done without you all, I am so very, very grateful!!

and every day I give thanks that Tracy gave a space in her 'always full' rescue for Wesley, and he gave me a space in his heart.


  1. What adorable creatures rabbits are. They are so soft and delicate...What a wonderful thing you are doing by helping them find happiness in their lives. I hope the raffle goes well and brings in some serious money for the animals!

  2. Thank you for the Arabella story, she is lovely rabbit!! I have to refrain from entering the raffle :( but wish you all sorts of good luck.

  3. Personally, I admire Arabella's dewlap.

    Yeah, curtains are fun. Aren't they their for bunnies' pleasure?? If not, you two-foots are a bunch of teases.

  4. They are truly 2 blessings arent they. Wesley looks very soulful in his picture.

  5. I had to re-read the last sentance and laugh out loud. My name is Tracey, and my partner is called Wesley!!!

    Nice to hear that Arabella likes diy, my guinea pigs are more in to newspaper editing - generally by a little nibble or two!

  6. Arabella is gorgeous!! Just bought tickets for the raffle - what a fantastic cause.

  7. I love the name Arabella, and she looks just like Gwenie that I just adopted a few months ago from a rabbit rescue. Although Giddy and her got along fine at the shelter (I took him to pick her out) It's not going well at home. It's ok though and even if they never get along she has a permanent home.

  8. Lovely story of how Zai chose Arabella. She seems like a lovely bunny. Anya used to chew curtains too, they seem to be irresistible to rabbits

  9. Tiffin & I read your feature with great interest !
    THANKS for helping the wabbits :)

  10. Diana the rabbits and I have our paws crossed for you! We hope you find the best warren going!!

    Lisa curtains are the best! and Arabella says thanks!

    thank you Christina! Wesley had been 'woken up' :)

    hi Tracey, thanks for stopping by! what's in a name eh?!

    good luck Christabel :)

    Natascha that's wonderful! That's how it happened here - so we have a split house, but not split hearts :)

    thanks Juliet. Curtains are number 1 choice after curly kale!

    thanks Nicole!

  11. Thanks Annette! Can't wait to see the outcome of the raffle!


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