Wednesday, 27 October 2010

What's under yer kilt?

being Scottish and growing up in Australia I was asked this all the time, (and I'm not going to even mention the questions about haggis! - or the answers I gave!) .....

But concerning kilts there's only one answer, though not everyone is able to dress that way, especially when out in public, and when there is a gust blowing - and it happens to be Nothing!

Anyway, I don't have a kilt and I don't do any burling to the skirling bag pipes but I know someone who does - and it was their birthday not that long ago,

and me being me, left everything to the last minute. So I had to whip up something fast and unique.

So I decided to make some Wrist Kilts! which can be worn at any time of the year, for any family gathering and will enhance any twirling to skirling. (Their more common name is wrist cuffs I believe?)

The have real Scottish tartan, a real East European wool scarf with pine trees in the snow and Grizzly Bear buttons from an old family denim jacket.

Recycling at it's best. All these materials have been in my family for years, some for decades like the grizzly buttons. The hat came from the birthday girl herself, the grizzly buttons from her husband's jacket and the tartan from my mum.

I managed to stitch them up in a day but I became flummoxed over the fastenings when I discovered there was not enough woods to go around, so I had to add a lining and extension. Always a bit interesting when there is no pattern, just an idea, in my head.

Print out one new style baby hare card - baby hare in tiny kilt and wrist kilts mind you ....

and add some hand drawn card Hands, of my hands, to illustrate how the creations are to be worn (yes, I did put them on upside down a few times for the photo shoot and during the sewing of the fastenings fiasco) and I thought they turned out rather flash!

That was until I went to a dollar shop, or rather, a pound shop the day I posted them. In Australia they are all dollar shops but here it's GBP pds stg and 'pound shop' just does not have the same ring to it, anyway, there I saw £1 fingerless mitts made in China that were on exactly the same hand cut outs as my creations! Was it subliminal? I thought I had come up with such a novel idea, rather 1950's black outline illustration style.
Though they were my hands I traced.

So another page from my scrap books. This one is in a grey / red tone like the wrist kilts, and just look at that ....

gust or no gust, someone knows exactly what you are wearing under your kilt!

and finally
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Good Luck!


  1. you have done something UNIQUE and very cool annette!!! i've got to say, there are a lot of cuffs out there and these stand out as original!
    if that is what you can do 'last minute' WOW :)

  2. thank you kindly Paula :)
    last minute inspiration??!!

  3. This post's title really pulled me in I must say! Those are fantabuous wrist kilts, but you know what I love the most of course - is the bear buttons. And even more so, since one is "bare" under their kilts so it cracks me up to see them there, holding things snugly together and preventing exposure to the elements. Now of course I can't help but wonder what are haggis...

  4. Wrist kilts! Fantastic idea. These are so unique with the family mementos and all. Great work!
    Funnily enough we went to the live recording of 'Take the Floor' on Monday night. Met Robbie Shepherd and everything! Anyway, one of our friends is an avid Scottish country dancer. He's Argentinian but cuts a fine figure in his kilt. I am certainly glad he was no true Scot's man on this occasion though because during one of the more complicated dances we sat it out to watch those more adept at it than us. Our friend twirled with such enthusiasm that I have now seen more of him than is commonly decent! hahaha.

  5. Very inventive. I wish I could be so original in my designs.

  6. Ha ha ha, Lisa... the bare syndrome monitored by the bears :) love it.
    Seems like you had a lot of fun with this, Annette !

    If one thinks about quantum physics and the fact that everything on this planet is 'one' (as opposed to separate beings) then... its no surprise that other people come up with OUR ideas. LOL.


  7. Love your idea of wrist kilts, they're a fabulous, unique present. Ah, those scottish men in their kilts!

  8. LOVE your wrist kilts Annette! You should seriously make some for your Etsy shop - I reckon they would sell really well! You could offer family tartans & everything ;-)

  9. you don't what haggis is Lisa?! I shall have to write about that sometime! (or them :) I should say!)
    I love those buttons too!

    Margaret I just let things flow and many times I am rather surprised! I am sure you will find that too. For me there are no rules.

    yes, that sounds true Nicole!

    thanks Kim! though I'd pass on the men - I've seen them here crawling down the street drunk in their kilts! .... not a pretty sight .... :)

  10. thanks Jane! they were hard work that's for sure


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