Saturday, 14 March 2009

Deer Brooch New in my Shop!

I have a couple of new brooches going into my shop! Deer!

This one is in already. Seen here standing next to my Arabella and White Tail Deer applique bag.

I just love deer, they are so elegant and graceful with such handsome features! This is a slightly padded applique brooch and would look wonderful on a jumper or scarf or bag - or the strap of you shoulder bag!

Close up you can see the sparkly earring added to the hind quarters. It catches the light beautifully.

This brooch will be going into my shop shortly. Lots of white faux fur, real pearls and sparkly bits!
I love deer and have a small collection of all sorts of them including the ones below.

Here are my 3 Jeol animals. At the front is a Waterbuck - in real life they are stunning and very beautiful antelopes. This one here has very long horns. The white crescent can be seen on his rump. This is a stunning little model!
Behind are 2 Jeol zebra. They are both in very good condition for their age. Most Jeol animals are around 30 years old and they were made in Hong Kong using good quality heavy plastic. The paint detailing was accurate and well applied. All scale is 1/32nd.
These are wonderful collectors items! and part of my small plastic animal collection that I refer to for inspiration.

The waterbuck is at the back. To the front is a Cherilea antelope. I have created a new species of antelope here - hence the unusual markings!

The white tail from the front, made in China - but looking superb after a careful paint restoration. Behind are 2 Britains red deer, minus their antlers - rutting season has finished!

back of the White Tail deer and the 2 red deer. I have improvised a bit with the markings on the white tail!
and finally 2 Britains Eland antelope to the back and 2 smaller orangy coloured ones made in China at the front. I have restored them all. Eland are majestic antelope and very beautiful indeed! They are also the largest antelope in the world.

Wondering about the difference bewteen deer and antelope?
Deer shed their antlers every year and antelope have horns which are from hairy matter. Horns are never shed but with the animal for life.

Don't forget to get your raffle ticket for the Arabella Bag that I donated to The Buckeye House Rabbit Society - only $1 - good luck!!

Link at the top of this page on the rabbit bag at the right!


  1. Very cool! The brooch is so unique and really neat - I hope you sell LOTS of them!

  2. Really unique ideas, and I love your little plastic creatures - So detailed and the paint jobs are excellent!

  3. Thank you Meghann - I hope it is popular too!
    I bought this beautiful fabric from America and I just love it!

    Thanks also wildatheart!
    Sometimes these ideas just come into my head - I knew I loved these extra scraps and they were far too good to throw away, so I am glad to use them in this way!
    I also love restoring the little plastic animals - I really am quite picky when it comes to details so painting them is very fulfilling!

  4. Hi I really love the waterbuck model. Would you possibly trade it for other antelope or deer figures of the same size which I have?


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