Friday, 6 March 2009

Donations needed for puppy Jack

Gorgeous little Jack was found walking along a country road dragging his left front leg. The animal rescuer immediately took him for treatment and the leg will need to be amputated.
Jack had apparently no feeling in the leg because there was no skin and the bone was exposed. The wound is infected and he needs an amputation straight away to stop the infection spreading.
Dawn is hoping to raise $300 immediately to pay for the vet fees. I have donated already and every amount, no matter how small, will be appreciated.

Jack is a sweet loving puppy about 8 months old. He was a little scared when first found but warmed up quickly. He is an Australian Kelpie / Heeler cross and obviously a very beautiful young dog with a great future ahead. These dogs are Aussie working dogs and are small to medium sized with great intelligence. Jack will make someone very happy!

Please consider donating - any amount, no matter how small, will be gratefully welcome.

Jack is listed on petfinder and is looking for a forever home to treat him with love and kindness.

Dawn has a shop on etsy, FashionSplatter, which sells her collage pendants like the one above 'and other small animals'.

All monies raised from these sales go towards her rabbit rescue Serenity Now Ranch, in Ohio, and the deserving animals there.

She also raises funds for any other animals that desparately need help, especially Jack, by helping out the Ashtabula County Animal Protective League .

Dawn also has a blog where she posts the latest news about animals that have just been rescued and need help, and about animals that are still looking for their forever homes.

Thank you,

and don't forget to have a look at look at the Arabella bag on the right - raffle tickets to win her are only $1.

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  1. Poor sweet puppy, Jack... I'm going to donate a little bit asap. Thank u for being such a good friend to the animals and EFA ;0) We (inc. the animals in need) really appreciate you! Michele


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