Monday, 16 March 2009

Little Plump Bird with Eggs

Some new additions to my shop (soon). Some with familys on the way, one like a small king and one with a fluffy bum. Does everyone love birds like I do? (after rabbits, hares and deer!)
Here is a lovely plump mother standing over her single precious blue and turquoise egg. She spent a long time gathering the materials for the nest - the earl grey tea bag shreds - and had asked me to pour the tea leaves (dust!) from the bag into an infuser so that she may use the bag new! Which I gladly did! after all, I would like to see her baby too.

This mother has 2 beautiful jet black eggs on a nest of more earl grey tea bag bits. Won't be long before they hatch into fluffy little blue, white and yellow birds.

This plump bird is in my etsy shop now - and has an elegant fluffy tail.

This bird has an amazing crest of feathers - rather like an opulent crown!
They will all be in my shop soon.

Don't forget to buy raffle tickets form The Buckeye House Rabbit Society for a chance to win my Arabella Art-Accessory Rabbit Bag that I donated to them. Only a couple of weeks left.

They take payapl and if you are in America they accept cheques.

Please send cheques to
Buckeye HRS
P.O. Box 5767
OHIO 45701
thank you

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