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Why Do I Support The Buckeye House Rabbit Society?

When I joined etsy in December 2007 and began to list my items for sale I came across a team I wanted to join - it was Etsy For Animals. I was delighted to be part of this international organisation, made up of single artists and crafters across the globe who all gave in their own way, (money, time, fostering, rescuing) to all types of animals everywhere!

Every month an animal charity was nominated to receive collective profits from the artist's sales and early last year it happened to be The Buckeye House Rabbit Society. I visited their website, (since I love rabbits!) and I searched around and came to the special needs bunnies - the ones with problems, psychological or physical, who would have a very hard time being adopted out.
In most cases visitors just overlook these types of rabbits, and I know from my own experience that it is purely because of inexperience in handling special rabbits.

Many years ago my fiance and I were very lucky to adopt a rescue rabbit, Zai, who had been badly mistreated. He had a very sensitive digestive system and very low immune system. This led us on discovery after discovery to help Zai and to make the bad days not so bad. We were blessed to have Zai in our lives and now we have a soft spot for 'those other bunnies'.

I came across the pictures of Malcolm and immediately felt a lump in my throat - he looked so like my Zai! A little orange coloured lop rabbit with a caring and beautiful face, and with a few 'problems'. Malcolm had deformed back legs that were still in use, he could jump around and hop but needed weekly baths. Zai had intermittent diahorreah and sometimes daily baths! so immediately I felt for Malcolm.

Malcolm also had ear problems because he couldn't keep them clean due to his deformed legs. In the sanctuary he was put on a programme of regular ear flushings and medications to prevent future infections. Due to his problems he was the first rabbit at Buckeye to be made a sanctuary rabbit.

Malcolm lived for approx 5 years. His favourite food was cilantro and he enjoyed pressing his head flat on the ground to receive pats - anyone who has a house-rabbit will know exactly what I mean!

Malcolm is no longer here, but he was loved deeply, and in the words of his fosterers 'The day you came to our home, our lives changed for the better. You showed us that adversity could be overcome with a little patience and a lot of caring.' There are other rabbits who cannot be adopted out due to their special circumstances and will stay at the Society in their Sanctuary.

It is with this heartfelt story of the very brave Malcolm that I decided to support The Buckeye House Rabbit Society, 3650 miles away (as the long distance crow flies), in memory of my own special needs rescue rabbit Zai.

When the tears finally dried on my cheeks, after reading his story, I emailed Herta at Buckeye and asked if she would be happy to let her members know about my charitable pledging on the sale of my rabbit bags. If I could give a little perhaps I could help a lot?
Herta was delighted that I could help out, and I was extremely touched that she was so generous with her time and publicity, especially considering that I was a continent away! I have been very happy in helping the rabbits at Buckeye whenever I can, and late last year I asked Herta if she could use one of the rabbit bags that I make to help raise funds for their buns. Herta said the bag could come in handy for their Spring raffle.
I know that with the funds raised many, many deserving rabbits will have a life of love, quality and happiness.
Here is Tinkerbell a very happily Buckeye adopted bun - and has another companion rabbit to keep her company, as well as a very large soft toy to snuggle up to! (or chew on!)
Here are some deserving rabbits currently looking for forever homes, and waiting patiently for you - could one (or two) of these amazing bunnies be your forever friend?

Maggie is a very friendly bunny and loves to follow you all over the place! Now that's devotion! She also loves to stand up on her hind feet to receive belly rubs - only very trusting rabbits do that! Here she is playing inside her Bunny's Magic Dream Cottage - could your own cottage be the forever home for her?

Kelby is a petite and sweet young lady, she loves running in her cardboard tunnel and tossing her plastic keys around! Days after being found in woods last September she gave birth to 4 babies. Now she is looking for her forever home. You can see how gorgeous she is!

Jongee's bite wound on his back has now finally healed and he is ready to find his forever home. He has a calm and pleasant temperament and would love to give and receive unconditional love - just look at that beautiful pink nose! What a gentle rabbit.

Lucy is a mini-rex with grey and white velvet fur. She was born in spring 2006 and is just turning into a fine young lady. What a very beautiful doe she is, she loves her food and is good in the kitty litter!

Kitty Kat is looking for a forever home. She is a good eater and excellent in the kitty litter. She is a little on the quiet side although very friendly. Look at her single beautiful white paw! What a lovely bunny she is.

Mr Bun welcomes Miss Bonnie and Miss Buttons. Two very happily adopted youngsters!

Mr Bun with Miss Bonnie and Miss Buttons - in their forever home.
Do you live in Ohio, USA? Could you offer a loving and safe forever home to a needy lagomorph?

If so - then contact them today and make a world of difference happen to a tiny little world (or two).

Giving plays such an important part in my life and I am grateful to be able to contribute to such a worthy cause as The Buckeye House Rabbit Society thru the sale of my Arabella Art-Accessory Rabbit Bags.
There are so many dedicated and hard working people who give constantly to help the animals and it is wonderful to be part of this great team.
I was so fortunate to have had Zai in my life, he is helping me help other bunnies in need.

Thank you to all the wonderful, wonderful people for purchasing raffle tickets to win the bag that I donated. The Buckeye House Rabbit Society take paypal payments for non US folks. Only a week and a bit left to purchase tickets.
Every dollar spent will be used to help their rabbits!
Thank you so much!


  1. All these bunnies are beautiful! I am very glad that you and BHRS found each other - it's a great partnership.

  2. Oh good for you for helping these beautiful rabbits! I commend you on helping the 'special needs' bunnies too!
    I wish you every bit of success in your business and with helping the bunnies :)

  3. Thank you Katie - I can't remember whom the efa member was that suggested Buckeye - but I am ever so thankful for them nominating Buckeye to be a charity of the month!

    and Meghann, thank you! I have indeed found a very special bond with bunnies that need that extra bit of attention and help. It is very rewarding indeed especially when they grind their teeth in happiness and make small peeping noises!

  4. This is great, Annette, thank you and thank the Ohare people for helping bunnies, who are very special and important creatures to me too.

  5. Thanks Pey, yes I agree! - rabbits are such special beings - and irrespective of size all touch our hearts in a BIG way!


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