Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Rabbits can wear Kilts Too!

Kilts are for anyone! - dogs, risque cats and opinionated rabbits.

Ofcourse, they can choose exactly what they would like to wear under their kilt! (and we won't even begin to go there...)

My latest Arabella Art-Accessory Bag has been carefully made with a real Scottish wool kilt and has a leather strap and buckle - the part used to hold the kilt up! and the obligatory kilt pin - for attatching a bunch of rare white heather when you are cavorting in the hills (and not for holding the kilt up when the strap breaks!)
Isn't Arabella looking grand with her white frilly cotton neck ruffle and little buttons.

She is waiting patiently for someone to invite her onto the dance floor for a quick birl as the bagpipes skirl noisily away at ceilidth (pronounced kay-lee) time.

Infact, she has even witnessed a few happy Scottish revellers dance ON the tables, not because the dance floor is packed, but because the whisky and bagpipes combination does that to one!

Arabella just loves her kilt, mind you it is not her specific tartan this time (she is a Robertson herself, way, way back) but she just loves the dusky blues, and one is allowed to borrow other tartans when desired.
This side has a fleece ruffle with some more little buttons. No idea what the ruffles were originally for? Disguising soup spills at dinner? But she does look very pretty indeed!
Arabella in her kilt is looking for a forever home and in my etsy shop here.
Also - this is the LAST WEEK to purchase tickets to win my Arabella Bag Blue Star White Star in the Buckeye House Rabbit Society's raffle.
Tickets are only $1 and PayPal purchases are $10 minimum. Please visit Buckeye to purchase via PayPal
All monies raised are benefitting their homeless rabbits - and if you are looking to adopt a house rabbit then see the post below with many deserving little charges - waiting patiently!
Thank you!


  1. This is so creative! Very nicely done.

  2. Thank you Katie!!

    you know - sometimes you just get these things in your head that have to be made..!

  3. That is just too cute! Do have one with a tutu? How about farmers overalls -- ah gee, now my mind won't stop working!


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