Sunday, 29 March 2009

WIN my Bag!! (help rabbits too)

Only a few days left to win this gorgeous bag - Arabella Blue Star White Star. Pictured here saying goodbye to my rescue rabbit Wesley before she left Scotland for America.

Click on this link to go to The Buckeye House Rabbit Society to use their PayPal to buy your raffle tickets.

Tickets are $1 each with a minimum of $10 with PayPal. Every penny is going direct to helping the rabbits as they wait patiently for their forever homes.

Want to meet some of these deserving bunnies?? Read my blog post about them here.
and NEW in my Dragon House of Yuen etsy shop is the Arabella Art-Accessory Clutch/Occasional Shoulder Bag.

Featuring beautiful Mule Deer in the foreground and White-Tailed deer running in the background. This clutch comes comes with a daisy-chain ribbon strap that discretely tucks away inside the bag and when needed can be used over the shoulder or across the body.

Unlike my usual Arabella Bags this clutch does not have a bottom gusset and therefore is not free-standing. Arabella likes to be displayed on a shelf indoors so that she may receive many admiring glances and endless compliments. Just like a real rabbit!! (Arabella approves!)

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  1. This one with the deer is another great Arabella bag. It is a real eyecatcher! =^x^=


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