Thursday, 12 March 2009

SALE 20% off all BABY HARES

The baby hares are now on sale with 20% off . They were $25 but are now $20. All prices have been reduced already in my etsy shop.
All baby hares come beautifully gift wrapped with their little stories on a small card tag and I put in a Free baby hare handmade card and baby hare handmade gift tag.
Just ready for Giving or Keeping!!

This is Baby Hare Phyrr. He is best friends with a young bullfinch and they play games all day long. For sale here.
This is Baby Hare Uffy. He loves exploring and he is one of the fastest runners. For sale here.

This is Baby Hare Flurry. He wants to be the first hare to reach the North Pole and Ice Station Zebra is his favourite book. For sale here.

This is Baby Hare Dieter. He is an avid explorer and was saved in a marsh by Heron Small - now his best friend. For sale here.

This is Baby Hare Zip. He is best friends with Heski the baby heron. For sale here.

There is still time to purchase a raffle ticket to win the Arabella Bag that I have donated to The Buckeye House Rabbit Society.
Tickets are $1 and payapl is accepted.

Arabella is raising funds for their homeless rabbits and she hopes that all the rabbits finds loving and safe forever homes.

The bag can be sen at the top right of this blog and visiting this earlier post.

Thank you!

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  1. Oh your baby bunnies are so gorgeous! What great works of art!


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