Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Wesley would LOVE your Vote!

Wesley is canvassing for votes :)

The Wesley Art-Accessory Rabbit Bag which gives 10% to the rabbit rescue Wesley came from is in a Storque Vote Article.

Wesley says 'Please Vote For Me xxx'

He would be very happy to hop into number 1 spot, but he knows albino eyed lop rabbits are not everyone's cup of tea.

Infact he is wondering if that is why he spent sooooo long waiting at the rescue centre for his forever home?

Even the bag had a pensive look for a minute there!
But I have told Wesley that the reason he waited so long was because we were meant to be together and time had to pass for this to be so.
Wesley wishes all the contestants well and he assures me that he is going to behave himself impeccably, and will not snip any loose threads he sees sticking about.


  1. What a CUTE lovely shot, he is a BEAUTY :)

  2. That's an irresistible photo of Wesley - of course I voted for him! I, too, think he was waiting to find his forever home with you.

  3. We voted! Sydney often wonders why she was the last of her litter to be adopted......nose bumps to Wesley, what a cute white boy !

  4. thanks you Anya - I have passed on your admiration to Wesley - he sends kisses xxx

    Katie - thanks so much!! It was just meant to be!

    Thanks Diana - please give Sydney a warm cuddle - she too was waiting for you to collect her :)

  5. Wesley must have been waiting for you. It's meant to be, him going home with you :)

  6. We voted for Wesley too and hope he wins!
    Hugo was a REW bunny that stayed in the rescue for over a year before we adopted him - surely Wesley was waiting for you, as Hugo was waiting for us :) REW bunnies are lovely!

  7. yes furrybutts - I agree with you!

    thanks YowlYY! I firmly believe that the personality of the being is so much more important than the wrapper.
    Arabella agrees because she had been ignored too (looking as she does like a wild brown rabbit) - and she was the last rabbit that was introduced to my Zai, at the end of Alllll the hutches!

  8. What? There are people out there who don't find albino, lop-eared rabbits irresistible? Why, if I ever get my hands on any of them....


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