Sunday, 19 April 2009

Arabella and North American Whitetail Applique Rabbit Bag

This is my latest Arabella Art-Accessory Rabbit Bag.

Deer are a favourite animal of mine, as well as rabbits - and having both together is very nice. This bag has been earmarked for me (so far I only own one Arabella bag!) and I think it is time I added to my accessory collection. After all - a girl can never have too many (rabbit) bags!

I love printed animal images - isn't this deer just so grand. I have sewn this applique on fleece padded cotton separately before then stitching it to the outside cotton. This was all done before the lining and padding were added. (These bags take a long time to make!).

The deer are North American Whitetails - if I have understood this article correctly at Mother Earth News. This is also another informative page. And this page for a comprehensive list of all deer species. (Only true deer lovers will be checking out these links!)

The antlers are protruding over the top of the bag and the edges of the applique are left frilly and ragged with bits fraying off.

Even though Arabella just adores attention - she is also rather shy - though you would never guess it. Here is a deer just like her - hiding behind her jowl.
This beautiful bag will be accompanying me on my trips to the rugged cold Scottish beaches, the botanical gardens, small wooded walks and many exciting car journeys (sitting upfront with me). Not to mention numerous visits to my grandmother with cups of tea, stories, anecdotes, words of wisdom and endless cakes!

Also - another baby rabbit in my shop. Baby Rabbit Angel -
Angel was the smallest of all the baby rabbits when she was born.
Her mother was very concerned and put her into the special crib nursery for extra warmth and feedings. She took longer than any of the babies to open her eyes and her growth was slow. Many nights her mother looked up to the moon and asked the rabbit angel to protect and nourish baby Angel.
Her hopes were answered for tiny Angel soon grew fast, ate non-stop and is now one of the fatter babies in the nest.
Every evening before she falls asleep she gazes up at the sky with mama and gives thanks for being here. As does mama too.
Little Angel is a soft sculpture and loves to snuggle into pillows (of all sorts!).
I want to thank Lynn and beautiful Sophia, of Lynn's Musings and Mumblings, for kindly mentioning the support I have been giving to rabbit rescues. I am thankful to be able to highlight the great work that the rescues are doing and to let people know more about rabbits.


  1. Oh my goodness, you are amazing! The new bag is gorgeous, and I love the blue bunny! Great job (as always)!

  2. Hi
    Nice to meet you !
    I'am coming from Lynn's blog :)
    What a lovely site you have.
    BEAUTIFUL bags I love it :)))
    You are very TALENTED, my compliments !!
    I'll coming back I love BAGS.....

    greetz Anya (@^.^@)

    purss Kareltje =^.^=

  3. Thank you Meghann. It has taken me over 6 months to finally make it!

    Hi Anya and Kareltje, nice to meet you - thanks very much - I couldn't have done it without my rescue rabbits!

  4. I love the latest Arabella - and those are indeed white-tail deer. We have some that travel through our back yard at times, even though we live in town. I don't get to see them very often, but I can tell when they've been there because they like to eat plants.

    And Angel is just adorable!

    P.S. Glad to see that you have met Anya - she is one of my favorite bloggers!

  5. Another beautiful bag, and I love baby rabbit Angel. I'm glad to hear she's now a chubby little girl. ;)

  6. Baby Angel is Beautiful.......
    Thanks for the deer links - i've only seen the white Fallow deer and who knew they are so many different types, very informative.
    And you definitely deserve the new deer rabbit bag.

  7. Annette, I have access to some remnant fabric that has animal prints on it. Would you like me to look through and see if it's something you would like? Otherwise it is headed to the thrift shop.
    I love the detail of this bag with the deer. Amazing work! And Angel is so sweet...

  8. Thank you Katie! - it would be wonderful to have deer in my backyard! (when I get my own backyard!!).
    Yes, nice to meet Anya and Kareltje!

    Thanks Maureen, Angel is doing well - getting fatter by the day :)

    Thank you Pey, I am one of those people who knew that there were so many types of deer (zzz...)

    Thanks so much Heather, sounds fantastic! Glad you like Angel too.


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