Monday, 13 April 2009

Interview with Laurent from etsy shop Lambert

Please visit here to read my interview with Laurent.

Unfortunately the dynamics of blogging are still baffling me and I have befuddled the posting order thru my own bumbling!

Never-the-less - please visit the Interview with Laurent and meet his two beautiful cats, thank you!


  1. Annette, if you go to "post options" - it's a blue link at the bottom of the actual blog post page (directly above the orange "publish post" link), you can adjust the date on the post. Otherwise, it will publish on the day that you started writing the post.

    You can also use "post options" to prepare posts in advance to auto-publish later - sometimes I write all my posts for the week during the weekend using this method.

  2. Good questions, I enjoyed reading it.

  3. Thank you Katie!

    I learn something new every day!!!

    and come across something perplexing on a regular basis!!

    Thanks Diana - glad you enjoyed it!

  4. Annette, I made that booboo too until someone told me how to change the date on a post. LOL

  5. I tried to do it a couple of times and the post turned to a page of code - so I will practise with something I can easily lose or delete if I don't get it right.


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