Monday, 13 April 2009

Thank You kindly

I want to say Thank You to Heather from etsy shop Bebe and Alice for kindly featuring me on her blog Bebe and Alice.

Heather's shop motto is Recycle Renew Rejoice which I completely agree with! I really like her amazing 'scratchbooks' - have a look - I was delighted to find out what they are!


I want to say Thank You to Maureen for featuring me on her blog All Things Jewelry and Then Some. Maureen makes jewellery which she sells in her shop The Jeweled Rabbit.

I found Maureen's blog packed with very informative articles posing useful questions and answers and I also enjoy reading about her Heroes of Handmade series.


I want to say Thank You to Kim from etsy shop Midnight Rabbits for so nicely writing about the prize she chose with her Buckeye Spring Raffle Voucher from my shop on her blog Midnight Rabbits Vegan World.

You can see one of Kim's brooches down below in an earlier post. It is the delightful hamster.

All of these ladies' blogs may be found on my List to the right hand side.

thank you!!!


  1. Yay for blog features - you deserve it!

    P.S. Sorting out selvedges here :)

  2. Congrats on the new blog feature. It's well deserved.

    And thank you for giving me another shout out. :o)

  3. you are so deserving of a feature, annette...

  4. oh - thank you Katie! the rabbits are the ones who deserve it :) (and thanks for looking out - very exciting!)

    You are welcome Maureen! and thank you too!

    Thanks Heather! none of this would be here if it wasn't for the rabbits.
    and lovely treasury too!

  5. I enjoyed the features on you (and your rabbits). I hadn't realized that each baby hare had a little tale to tell, I read a few and now I want them ALL.
    PS Yes, Tyler and Sydney are quite the inventive couple, it is hard to keep up with them.

  6. Thanks Diana, I love reading their posts!


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