Saturday, 25 April 2009

Baby Hare Puppis Brings on the Zeds

The other night I was explaining to Wesley how I chose the name for the newest Baby Hare and all I could hear was an even, relaxed breathing - uh-oh!

He hadn't even heard half of what I was going on about! tut tut!

So then I thought I would share my little gem of wisdom with Arabella - but uh-huh, just look at her too after 3 minutes!

Puppis didn't want me to give up so I've been (forced) compelled to do a blog post about how she was named.
Being so unusual and pretty I knew that she had to stand apart from all the other baby hares that have been named so far.

That day I had received an email (as you do, passed on from forwarder to forwarder...) about the insignificance of life on planet earth compared to the celestial giants out there - like Antares (the 15th brightest star) and Arcturus (the 4th brightest star in the sky) -
and I realised that the naming problem was not a problem at all - especially when earth's sun was now a pixel in size compared to these supergiants!

So I did a search on celestial names and came across the wonderful name Puppis. It is derived from Latin to mean a doll or small image and the Romans and other seafarers way back then had small deity images affixed to the stern to watch over the ship. Just perfect I thought!

So Baby Hare Puppis was born. Looking rather hare-like and rather sea-dragon-like! She has an amazing tuft of fur on her nape and shoulders, and her nose! One of the advantages of being a self-taught and self-mend sewperson. (Sounds better than sewer.)

Puppis was born on a bright starry night and her mother named her after one of the star constellations. Mama knew straight away that Puppis was a special and unusual baby – she has huge eyes and a white fur tuft on her shoulders and one on her nose.
Every night little Puppis stays up later than any of the other babies and she makes sure that they go to bed first.
She loves to gaze up at all the stars and one day wants to visit them.
To help her achieve her dream she has enrolled in advanced mathematics and physics, luckily she is finding it easy!

By this time Wesley is definitely away with the fairies!

and Arabella is out for the count! (That's my hand holding her head up slightly - she was on my lap)
Little Puppis is in my etsy shop, studying hard!
Want to see the starry Puppis? Visit here - and if you can spot the real Puppis please let me know :)
It has obviously been written by an astronomer with a good eye!


  1. You may have put Wesley and Arabella to sleep with the story of how baby hare Puppis got her name, but I found it very interesting. :o)

  2. Soooooooooo Cute :))))
    Nice story to read !!
    The pfoto from Wesley @ Arabella is so lovely:)

  3. Puppis is such a lovely and very intelligent baby hare.....Can she get humans to fall asleep as well? Great pix of sleeping bunnies!

  4. I really enjoyed reading this - that's a wonderful name for a baby hare. (I also enjoyed the sleeping bunny photos!)

  5. I love your bunnies. Don't they have the sweetest faces! Thank you for the link about animal communication. I've always had a connection and communication with animals, even as a very young child.
    Its people that are more of a challenge to me.

  6. thanks Maureen! glad you enjoyed it.

    Glad you like the pics Anya - hope Kareltje liked them too??

    ha ha! Diana - that would be me, actually, going on and on and....

    Thank you Katie! I really love the name too - and it's very fitting I think!

    thanks windandhoney - I agree with you, people have lost the intuitive touch - but it is there, latent, in everyone, just needs training!

  7. Ha. ha.....Maybe you could market some tapes for humans, insomnia is a huge problem......

  8. Such cute photos of bunny lips!!! And a very interesting introduction to Puppis. If I had to do advanced math and physics now, my eyes would be wayyyy bigger than Puppis' eyes hahahah

  9. yes Diana! - but they would never sell - people would not think that were interesting enough to buy (stars!?! boats?!!) and plus, listening to my droll monotonous voice rambling on in monotone... zzzz

    thanks furrybutts! my eyes were HUGE in school... now they are back to normal size!


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